Infinite Mana in the Apocalypse

2476 Immeasurable Rage! III

2476 Immeasurable Rage! III

An event that occurred within the span of less than a nanosecond!

It was so rapid that even other Apex Aeonic Lifeforms were forced to act as observers, where Orion and Aurelia's clones only saw the radiant burning rays of darkness as they were descending on their targets.

Their bodies instinctively moved towards their nearest location to try and lend any aid- this being the same case with the newly arriving Caesar!

In his mind, an attack from the Singularity Overseers may have passed through, although this theory was quickly erased when he saw the targeted attack that didn't involve him at all.

Yet even he still moved!

But…the burning rays of darkness were far faster than even light.


Aurelia had cried out valiantly while moving towards where Anna was, and yet when she arrived there, the only thing left was a cluster of illusory shields conjured from the very Infinite Hyperversal Haven itself- only containing a sliver of a soul protected within Noah's will!

The recently dispersed forces of Ancestral Lernaeans and Maximilian came out and gazed at the Desolate scene in shock.

The few Dimensional Rulers not affected among the small Legion that moved with Henry's clone came out to observe such a dreadful scene!

None of them could do a single thing as they could only observe helplessly.

From this unfolding event, a few things could be discerned.

One was that the helplessness of the Apex Aeonic Lifeforms to change anything with this attack here showed that the Infinite Hyperversal Haven could react and shift far faster than them.

After all, all of this happened within its fabric of Reality.

Second…it didn't fully settle in, but a reminder of just how drastic things could change for those who were weak thundered down as many of Noah's Vassals cried out while going towards those they had formed bonds with!

The Longest Dream and Oldest Dreamer cried out while going towards where Eowyn used to be.

Anna's father felt the faint light of his daughter's soul as he cried out in shock and sorrow!

But all of this…was overshadowed by the roar of immeasurable rage from the True Emperor of Quintessence.

His body had already disappeared as his cry still resonated, warping across space and clasping onto the source of the burning rays of darkness with the help of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven!

He knew the source to be within the Noblesse Region where the clones of his Son and others used to be, his bodies in the Haven of Dissolution linking with his and the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as under their eyes, the flow of the essence of a Dynamis of Extremity was extremely clear.

From where his son's clone was, a shimmering light of darkness pointed towards a certain location.

And he barreled towards it while burning with utmost rage- a rage that wasn't just directed towards the one responsible for this situation.

A portion of this rage was directed towards himself.

Among the many things he had calculated in the illusory trillions of years outside the scope of space and time, the movements of his people were among them.

He had already experienced Apex Aeonic Soul Totems and their power when Ophelia's clone was erased and they appeared above her main body.

He had theorized the very real possibility that at some point in time, an Apex Aeonic Lifeform may aim at himself or his people- even with the rules set in place and the watchful gaze of the Adjudicator of Dissolution.

He came up with possible solutions to this- the most achievable ones being in the form of a unique Boundary and another Absolute Dynamis of Extremity!

But he didn't embark on this right away after his transformation.

Granted, it was only the span of minutes since the boons of the Unrecorded Aeonic Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Foundation were granted as he was just testing them, but this was among many things he theorized that he had yet to implement!

Never was there an expectation that an attack would come in such a short time span.

But more than that, Noah had a portion of this rage directed to himself as truthfully, he actually gave weight to the rules and power of others!

He gave weight to the power of the Adjudicator of Dissolution after he basked in her grandeur of Hyperversal Extremity Authority, and after her intervention of his own actions!

A sense of complacency bloomed- however miniscule it was.

Even if what just occurred was still unexpected, it was still something he missed. It was his responsibility as he bore its weight.

And he would be the one to correct it!

Thus, his rage unfurled as from different parts of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven and Aeonic Haven of Dissolution, the different parts of his stretched out came to fuse with him.

This was all to rectify the current situation and let loose the boiling rage that had long since reached a tipping point!



It was an emotion that all Lifeforms felt many times in their lives, no matter how long or short.

A vast majority of the time, anger gave birth to absolutely nothing.

It was commonly weak Lifeforms feeling anger and unfairness as a lot of the time, they lived with it and bottled it as they didn't even have the power to release it!

A select few gave in to this anger.

When one gave into bubbling anger and rage, they would likely die an early death against those who brought forth this anger.

There were then the rare few who utilized the burning anger into something that could actually produce results!

Noah's immeasurable rage was reigned in as he turned it calculative.

He directed it towards a specific place as he put the rage to use!

[The Boundary of Wrath has reached the 9th Boundary Layer!]


[Understanding of Wrath far exceeding the 9th Boundary Layer is being expressed!]

[The 10th Boundary Layer is not achievable unless one's Extremity Meridians are enacted.]

[Your Hyperversal Extremity Meridian Seeds take on the budding Seed of Wrath!]

The rising aura of madness and rage around his body became even more intense as from a certain direction, an Aletheian Chassis shining with multicolored grandeur smashed into his main body.

[The Quantum Aletheian Chassis has fused with your Main Body.]

[The Unrecorded Aeonic Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Foundation is taking the reins of the fusion of all parts that make the Quintessential Hyperversal Emperor!]

His body buzzed with heavy Quintessential Hyperversal Soul Values that would not be attainable before as a shocking transformation began.

At the same time, Noah continued to turn his rage into a precise blade as it first swung at himself to correct the ever-minuscule complacency that even made it a possibility for his son and people to be so heavily wounded to the extent their status was uncertain.

[The Concept of the Soul is being ushered towards Extremity!]

[The Concept of the Body is being ushered towards Extremity!]

[The Concept of the Origin is being ushered towards Extremity!]

[The Concept of Cloning is being ushered towards Extremity!]

The tools to rectify even the possibility of what had just occurred to never occur again began to be forged!

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