I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 1269 It is too unreserved (3

Hear what Lin Yuan said.

Yun Yaxuan stuck out her tongue playfully.

It looks very cute.

Then she seemed to react suddenly.

Seeing the smile on Lin Yuan's face.

Yun Yaxuan's pretty face flushed instantly.

The mouth was closed tightly immediately.

Yun Yaxuan found out that she had lost her temper.

Such a girlish attitude.

Do it for men of the same age.

It is too ~ too unreserved.

Yun Yaxuan didn't know why-what would be like this.

She used to be.

It's still quite noticeable.

But with Lin Yuan.

I feel a lot more relaxed.

Maybe it's because it's so easy to talk to.

It feels like a confidant.

However, she still noticed the difference between men and women.

She also has the identity of a fiance.

But after realizing the similarities between Lin Yuan and "Bottomless Abyss".

Yun Yaxuan suddenly seemed to let go a lot.

It seemed that something had broken.

That's why I suddenly didn't pay attention to my manners just now.

At this moment, Yun Yaxuan's face that overwhelmed the country and the city.

Because of the tongue just now.

At this time it was red.

The words seem to be a little embarrassing to say.

And Lin Yuan

She didn't seem to notice her blushing.

He smiled and said, "I'll go to the toilet.

"Okay!" Yun Yaxuan quickly agreed.

After Lin Yuan leaves.

Yun Yaxuan felt better at last.

The flushing on the face also slowly subsided.

Then Yun Yaxuan ate desserts quietly by herself.

After a few bites.

Yun Yaxuan's ruddy lips bit the spoon lightly.

However, his eyes turned to Lin Yuan's mobile phone left on the table.

Seems to be thinking about something.

Yun Yaxuan suddenly had an idea.

But for this.

She was very entangled.

At this moment Yun Yaxuan's heart.

Being extremely entangled.

Because of the high resemblance between Lin Yuan and her netizen "Bottomless Abyss" on China.com.

At this moment Yun Yaxuan was already suspicious.

Could Lin Yuan be the "bottomless abyss"?

But I want to prove it.

But it is not easy.

After all, it is impossible to ask directly.

And after proving yes or no.

What about it.

Things are a bit complicated.

Yun Yaxuan has a headache when she thinks about it.

In fact, Yun Yaxuan used to like the one on the China website, called the net friend of the bottomless abyss.


I like it.

There is affection.

For this matter.

Yun Yaxuan did not hide her emotions in the slightest.

For the netizen called Bottomless Abyss on the Internet.

After all, there may be no chance to meet in a lifetime.

Ask for flowers

And it's just netizens.

It's still so easy to talk about.

It feels like fate.

So although conservative and traditional.

But Yun Yaxuan doesn't have to suppress her likes and feelings.

For that "bottomless abyss" like a confidant.

Yun Yaxuan does not deny that she has a good impression of the other party.

The object in her mind.

That's it.

I can talk to her very well.

Talk about it.

The values ​​are all very similar.

Yun Yaxuan really does not deny that she is very excited and has a good impression of the other party.

Even Yun Yaxuan had quite bold ideas.

If it is not for a marriage contract.

Online dating is not bad either.

And put aside the ethereal netizen.

Back to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan in contact with reality.

Yun Yaxuan was also very impressed.

In other words, it is difficult for most women to have a bad impression of an almost perfect man like Lin Yuan.

In addition, Yun Yaxuan also had a good chat with Lin Yuan.

And Lin Yuan has helped her many times.

These things made Yun Yaxuan extremely grateful.

But Yun Yaxuan knew.

Clearly realize.

This is reality!



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