Chapter 1796 It's Important to Save People

As Father Fu said, he stood up nervously, let people watch the surveillance, and called the waiter at the door for questioning.

Others also followed in anxiously surrounding.

"Miss Fu disappeared? She was still in the field just now."

"She didn't say she was leaving, so she wouldn't leave now."

"That's right, I'll say it even if I want to leave."

"The main reason is that the phone can't get through at all, which makes people really worried."

The waiters were all called, and one of them said: "I remember, Miss Fu seemed to go to the private room next to Mr. Su."

Lu Yaolan breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Well, that should be fine, where is the private room?"

"It's the corner one in that direction." The waiter said.

Elder Fu's face was a little heavy, and everyone else said, "That might be about work. Don't surround yourself and talk about it."

Lu Yaolan said: "Then I will go to Jiajia, maybe because I have a good time talking about work, and I forgot the time."

Everyone nodded one after another. Even if they wanted to gossip, they were all suppressed by these words about work, so it's hard to talk about it.

Lu Yaolan was walking towards that side when she heard a screaming scream from the box over there.

Everyone hasn't dispersed yet, and they are all shocked to hear this sound.

"How is this going?"

"It seems that something extraordinary has happened?"

"It's from the box over there!"

"Oh my God, it's important to save people, go and take a look!"

Mr. Fu immediately strode over there uncontrollably, and he couldn't do anything else. Anyway, the safety of his granddaughter was the top priority.

Elder Lu also followed suit.

Lu Yaolan raised a smile on the corner of her lips, immediately suppressed and followed.

The others followed spontaneously.

The waiter ran to open the box door first, and saw Fu Yujia rushing out with a disheveled hair, lipstick, and clothes in a mess.

Lu Yaolan hurriedly asked people to take clothes and wrap her up, and said angrily: "What the **** is going on?"

Fu Yujia couldn't help crying. Everyone knew what was going on when she saw her messy hair, messy clothes, and scratches on her arms.

But how can anyone dare to do such a thing in this place, at Father Lu's birthday party?

Elder Lu's face was also green: "Who is it?"

Mr. Fu has even more murderous intentions!

The waiter opened the box door wider, and everyone saw the ordinary man sitting on the sofa.

"Isn't that President Su Lusu of Nirvana Entertainment?"

"Yeah, that's her! Wasn't she chatting with Miss Fu just now? How could she do such a thing?"

"I really know people, know my face and don't know my heart. How can there be such a person? This is Father Lu's birthday party! How dare she!"

"This kind of person is too courageous!"

After all, the people present are more familiar with Fu Yujia, and many people who have been associated with the Fu family have also come at this moment, while Su Lu is mediocre and has limited contacts with everyone.

Everyone must believe in Fu Yujia for the first time.

Lu Yaolan said immediately: "Okay, let's avoid it first, we will handle this matter, and we will give you an explanation."

She was so sensible and unchanging in the chaos, she won the favor of many people.

When Mr. Fu saw her deliberately safeguarding the face of the Fu family, he also had a good impression of her.

"Jiajia, let's go first."

Elder Lu apologized and said, "Brother Fu, what happened today is really sorry. Su Lu is the person I invited. I will definitely give you and Jiajia an explanation for this matter."

"Then get it done as soon as possible." Father Fu was angry.

Lu Yaolan smiled, and then said painfully: "Dad, I really didn't expect that Su Lu would be such a person, and it is better to attack Jiajia as a beast."

Elder Lu was thoughtful, he might really not believe it if he replaced it with someone else, but it was Fu Yujia who was in trouble now!

He knows how much Fu Yujia likes Lu Heting, and he likes it to the bones, so he waited for this, and still remembers it now.

Therefore, Fu Yujia is absolutely impossible to destroy her reputation, nor can she do anything to catch up with her innocence!

Then there is really only one truth, and that is Su Lu, who is indeed a beast wearing a mask!

He really missed it!

"Clear the field, I want to ask Su Lu personally, what the **** is going on with her!" How optimistic Mr. Lu was for Su Lu before, he regrets it now.

He even apologized specifically for his oppression of Su Lu. He invited her today to make up for her, so that outsiders would know that she was under the Lu family and let people not move her.

Who knows, she was so wasting her pains and trust.

On such occasions, she dared to do something to Fu Yujia. Wouldn't it be more arrogant to change places?

Lu Yaolan hurriedly asked the waiter to invite the other guests away.

At this moment, a group of people came from outside the door, and the arch guard Lu Heting stepped forward.

He stepped on his supermodel-like slender legs, with a magnificent look, and his cold expression made people walk in awe.

"He Ting." Lu Yaolan hurriedly said hello.

His aura scared her, but he was not very worried about Su Lu's affairs being seen through by him.

After all, he didn't have much friendship with Su Lu. Regarding Su Lu, a small person, based on her understanding of Lu Heting, Lu Heting would not be able to take care of such a small person and matter.

"He Ting, you came right in time. I'm about to deal with this matter. You can let someone clear the court as soon as possible." Old Master Lu said immediately.

"Which field?" Lu Heting raised his eyebrows and glanced around, "Since it happened under the public, let's solve it under the public!"

"Is this not so good?" Lu Yaolan said, "It's about Fu Yujia's reputation..."

"Just because she wants to return her fairness and innocence, she can't handle it in private. Otherwise, people who don't know will really think that Su Lu has done to Fu Yujia, don't they?"

When Lu Heting said this, he was looking at Subei, who was sitting on the side. She looked safe, except that her clothes and hair were a little messy.

Knowing that she was fine, and protecting herself in front of Fu Yujia was completely fine, but seeing the lipstick on her face, he was still churning with jealousy!

Even if the opponent is Fu Yujia, that won't work!

Isn't Fu Yujia trying to make things worse? So good, he will make things in a bigger direction!

Listening to Lu Heting's tone, he planned to stand next to Fu Yujia, Mr. Fu thought that this matter was just to let people see the true face of Su Lu!

(End of this chapter)

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