Guardian of the Star Cyclones

Chapter 5146: : Star Split

Extremely close power!

Sapshensi felt the attack from behind, and a seemingly invisible layer of energy armor appeared on his body.

The next moment, his body felt a slight pain, and his entire body was suddenly blasted away.

There was an emergency stop in the starry sky, and his senses were fully activated and he said: "The power is good! The combat awareness is also okay, it seems worthy of my action."

Ye Yun activated Flash again and appeared behind him, doing the same thing.

"Don't use the same trick twice, huh?!"

Feeling the energy in Ye Yun's fist this time, Sapushensi immediately knew that he had underestimated the opponent. Was it the power of destiny?

Sapu Gods condenses the power of the universe, adds his own special energy, and merges it into the power of Godless, hedging it with one punch!

The two forces collided, and Ye Yun was instantly knocked away, while Sapushensi remained motionless, thinking in his soul: "If it's just to this extent, then you may not be qualified to enter that place."

Ye Yun said calmly: "Did you obtain this power before you entered, or after you entered?"

Sapushensi told the truth: "After entering, what, are you very interested?"

Ye Yun grinned and said, "Is this method worth bragging about?"

After speaking, Ye Yun's whole body tensed up and he released his fusion power slightly.

This breath made Sapushensi stunned for a moment, but then he smiled and said: "It seems that you are telling the truth. You are indeed the teacher's friend, so let's get some real stuff!"

The two exploded again, and the surrounding starry sky began to distort. The star rings of the eighth star belt also shifted, and the planet's gravity also mutated.

Both sides disappeared into the starry sky at the same time, followed by continuous energy collisions, and even the space was torn apart for a long time and could not be repaired.

Along with the fierce battle between the two, a terrible energy reaction occurred in the entire galaxy. This situation was naturally sensed by other powerful universe-destroying level experts.


All the powerful people gathering in the Bear Emperor constellation were stunned. Including Rebecca, they all looked in one direction, which was the direction of the eighth star belt.

"Are there any Yu-Destroying level experts fighting?"

"What's going on at this time?"

"Haha, Lady Rebecca, could this be the show you arranged without telling us?"

"Pfft, Evil Smile, don't take the lead. Even if Rebecca arranges this kind of show, she can't be at the universe-destroying level."

Rebecca also looked suspicious. Who would disturb the situation at this time was simply not giving her face.

"Why don't we all go see the situation together?"



They are both Yue-level experts, and this distance is no different than taking a few steps out of the door.

In almost three seconds, they arrived at the outer circle of the eighth star belt at the same time.

The next second, a violent energy swept through his body.

"not good!"

"Damn it!"

"Why are you so strong?"

"Who's fighting?"

"This energy seems to be that guy! Sapu Gods?!"

"What? Saps?"

"It's actually him?"

"He's here too?"

"Lord Rebecca, what is this?"

Rebecca explained: "I do know that he is in the Bear Emperor constellation, but I don't know why..."

Speaking of this, she suddenly remembered what Kamiya had reported before. Someone wanted to challenge the Saps. It was a joke. Is it true? !

Who is it?

Both sides used all their methods, and the speed was too fast. Even though they were both at the Yue-Destroying level, they couldn't even recognize who the other figure was for a moment.

Rebecca and another high-level Yun-destroying powerhouse saw a hint of Ye Yun's appearance, but they didn't recognize him.

The two looked at each other and shook their heads.

Ye Yun and Sapushensi naturally sensed the presence of the audience, but they didn't care at all. At this moment, the two of them just felt that they had met their opponents and were enjoying themselves.

At the same time, he was accumulating energy, and Sapu Shensi roared: "Take my blow and tear the stars apart!"

"Then be careful!"

The two of them were not in a life-or-death struggle, so they both gave a warning when they were enlarging their moves. They also reminded others to be careful when watching the show, so as not to be affected.

In an instant, everyone held up a protective shield at the same time and formed a chain protective shield. They all knew the terror of this move.

One blow blasted out, shaking the galaxy!

The entire eighth star belt seemed to have stopped for a moment, the star ring was torn and twisted, and a large number of cracks appeared on the planet!

Too close to avoid it.

Everyone was still looking for the other guy, but the expressions of Rebecca and another strong man suddenly changed!

At the last moment, that guy seemed to disappear? Even they couldn't detect any energy life residue.


"Where's the other guy?"

"Is this a win? I've clearly warned you, isn't that too tough?"

"Lord Rebecca, do you see clearly?"

"That guy disappeared. He most likely had special concealment methods."

"Sap Gods's move is a large-scale ability, shouldn't it? What kind of concealment method is it?"

In fact, this was also the doubt that Sapushensi had at the moment. He also sensed that Ye Yun had disappeared. Suddenly, he thought of a terrible possibility.

"It can't be that move, right?"

At the same time as he felt bad, his whole body was covered with a thicker coat of energy. Before he could fully defend himself, a terrifying energy poured out, coming from the side, and blasted him towards the eighth star with one blow!

The Eighth Star, which had been severely damaged, was completely overwhelmed. UU Reading seemed to have been hit by a huge meteorite, and it penetrated instantly!

Everyone was stunned, what happened? What happened just now? Sapsus was attacked by something.

The speed was too fast for them to react.

Rebecca: "That power..."

Another strong man: "So strong! Peak Yu-destroying level combat power! Where did the challenger come from?"

They all realized that this person might be here to grab a spot!

There are some things that only those with super holy realm qualifications know.

And Sapu Shensi, who was blown away by the blow, was also filled with excitement.

"How many abilities does this guy have hidden? Can he actually have super-dimensional abilities? And what the **** was that blow just now? It felt like he was hit by a star beast. This pure power is simply more terrifying than the Overlord Spirit Clan!"

He didn't know whether Ye Yun was pursuing him or whether he had entered the super dimension again. He knew that if he didn't try his best, he might lose this game terribly!

In addition, the other party was a friend sent by the teacher, maybe to test his strength, so he did not intend to retain his fighting power.

Thinking of this, the mind is agitated and Wushen's power is completely integrated.

"Insect power!"

In just a moment, except for Rebecca and another strong person, the other Yu-Destroying level strong people felt a sense of oppression, which they had not experienced for a long time.

Some people couldn't help but be surprised: "Mother, the bloodline of the mother insect is suppressed?!"

The next moment, Sapushensi felt a ray of destiny from Ye Yun, and his figure suddenly disappeared: "Take a hit on me, Holy Star Split!"

In the eyes of all the universe destroyers, the entire galaxy seemed to have been cut open with a knife, and a huge space crack opened, but this seemed to be an illusion?

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