Destroy the country with one sword!

This world does not lack strong people who can destroy cities and countries, nor does it lack the ability to bulldoze the fruits of islands.

But most of them destroy a town, or even a city.

In the true sense, there are very few people and even the ability to wipe out a country, together with the plate of the island in which it is located, to look at the whole new world, no, the entire great shipping route.

For example, earthquake fruits, such as fluttering fruits, such as magma fruits, such as frozen fruits, and so on.

These are all the top of the devil fruits in all series, and they are also known for their attack power and damage range, and they must be developed to the extreme by those who can do it.

Even if it is a pirate of the flying sky regiment, following Shi Jinan’s northern war, few people have seen it, and some people can still destroy the country with one blow.

But now, they see it.

That majestic mountain, towering hot breath should be dragon “027”.

That dragon Yan Moon Knife that stretched like a ridge.

One knife went down and directly chopped up the GF country.

The visual impact caused by this kind of picture is far more shocking than when Shiji just used the fluttering fruit to lift the GF country to an altitude of 10,000 meters and smashed it down.

“Is this kid eating a phantom beast species, or is it a natural system?”

“There are four natural elements dominated by the green dragon form, the temperature of the flame is higher than that of the burnt fruit of Aikalos, the destructive power of the flame is also stronger than the burnt fruit, and the amount of flame is also more than the burnt fruit.”

“Is he an ability in the form of a green dragon of the Fish Fruit Phantom Beast, or a green dragon who has eaten the Magma Fruit, the Thunder Fruit, the Wind Wind Fruit, and the Cloud Cloud Fruit?”

Seeing this scene, even though Shi Ji was burning with anger in his heart, he was also shocked by Aaron’s strength.

Like people drinking water, they know themselves warmth and cold.

His blow just now was not simply to use a country to smash people, in addition to liftoff, he also accelerated with fluttering fruits, and entangled armed color domineering to increase his power.

It can be said.

Looking at the great route, those who can be taken head-on in a rigid way can be counted on one hand.



Warring states.


That’s all four.

At least, of the people Shiki had ever met, there were only four alive.

Now there is a fifth.


“I must compliment you, Shiki.”

“This kind of blood-boiling feeling, even Kong and Ban, their two marshals, the generals have never brought me.”

“You’re the first.”

Aaron’s eyes flashed, the dragon’s wings spread, and the heat breath swept across the sea like a fiery typhoon in response to the tornado’s hot wind pressure, not only setting off a wave of waves, but also burning the sea with billowing heat.

Just one flapping of the wings made the sea water covered by the hot wind almost boil.

Such a power once again shocked Shiji.

He had to wave his hand and send the few remaining ships, together with the pirates of the flying sky regiment above, to a higher altitude.

After seeing Aaron’s strength, he knew that he could not intervene if he wanted to intervene below the existence of the admiral, and his own crew came to help, but it was a burden, and he had to be distracted to protect.

Since this is the case, it is better to send the crew away first, otherwise even if he kills the big and small green dragon in front of him, the flying pirate group will also be defeated, so that he will also lose the ability to conquer the world.

Having lost a deputy captain, several pirate ships, and hundreds of crew members, he could not afford to lose the remaining forces.

“Hahahahahaha, I also have to praise you, I can actually catch Lao Tzu’s blow.”

“I must also admit that I have always underestimated you.”

“Except for Roger and Newgate, you are qualified to be Lao Tzu’s opponent, for this, I will use Sakura Ten and Mu Ku to kill you with my own hands.”

After seeing off the crew, Shiji turned his head to look at Aaron who flew in, and in addition to anger and killing intent, his eyes also showed jealousy and recognition that he had never had before.

The proud golden lion also admitted that the big green dragon in front of him had the qualifications and strength to fight with him.

“One country, you take it.”

“I just don’t know, if the sea is over, can you take it too?”

“Aaron!” (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

As the roar of the lion fell, Shiji opened his hands and pointed his blade straight at the sky and the sea.


The earth-shaking noise came out, and the waves of the sea instantly tumbled and undulated, and one after another huge sea lions appeared out of thin air, and then went forward and followed, carrying the majestic current, flew away, and opened their mouths to bite on the hot breath dragon made by Aaron.

Each sea lion reaches a kilometer in length.

The sheer number.

Like the sea kings in the depths of the sea, there are countless and endless uses.

This is Shiji at his peak.

Naval and air battles, almost invincible existence……..

The fluttering fruit developed to the extreme with one hand, it seems that the instantaneous destructive power and scope are not as good as the whitebeard’s shock fruit, but in fact, on the sea, in the sky, it is no worse than the shock fruit, and even more terrifying.

Raise your hands and raise a country.

Rising to the sky, it shook the sea and created a tsunami-like group of lions.



A sea lion, without Aaron’s hand, touched the hot breath dragon, and was burned by the massive hot breath dragon flame, turning into a large number of white mist clouds, all around.

But such sea lions are as many as stars, and they rush one after another, it is like a continuous tsunami, the speed of Aaron’s breakthrough is suppressed, and as the number of sea lions increases, the frequency of flying over is faster.

The hot dragon also began to shrink and was constantly melted.

Whether it is flame, magma, or even the heat of the green dragon, in the face of the immeasurable sea, it will eventually be extinguished.

Water is inherently fire, let alone sea.

“You extinguish the fire of Lao Tzu’s deputy captain, and Lao Tzu extinguishes your heat.”

Seeing that the hot breath dragon was extinguished by countless sea lions, Shi Ji laughed viciously, soared into the sky like a bird, flew above the white mist in the sky, grabbed Mu Ku and Sakura Ten with both hands, and the berserk overlord color and sharp sword momentum erupted together, like an overlord color sword mountain, rushed through the white mist in the sky, and crushed on Aaron.


In his hand, Mu Ku and Sakura Ten burst out black lightning at the same time, and then fell down condescendingly.

Two overlord-colored chopping waves 5.6 flew out from the blade.

One after the other, closely connected, turned into a cross overlord slash that cut the heavenly dome, and exploded towards Aaron.


The hot breath dragon was destroyed, the body was also bitten by the sea lion, swallowed into the abdomen, the majestic ocean current invaded the whole body, and a strong sense of weakness suddenly rose.

Even if he is in the form of a fish and fish fruit phantom beast species green dragon, he is not able to ignore the influence of the sea, but unlike other abilities, he will die when he falls into the sea.

As long as he is wrapped in a huge ocean current, he will be weak and powerless like other capable people.

However, the flame burning behind it has not been extinguished.

The ghost clan’s King Kong body is not bad, and it has not disappeared because it is covered by the current.

Just because of weakness, the speed was greatly reduced, and there was no time to react, so he was overwhelmed by the overlord-colored cross chopping wave that fell from the sky, and went straight into the sea.

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