God of Fishing

Chapter 96: Division of fishing grounds

The village chief's family lives near the center of Tianshui Village, which is the place closest to the statue of the sea god, so that everyone can easily come to find something.

Han Fei sipped his wine, came by appointment, and was seeing the sadness on the face of the village chief.

Han Fei: "Grandpa, I'm here. What happened to you before you met me?"

The village chief put away her sadness and said with a smile, "Han Fei is here! Why are you bringing anything? Come on in."

The village chief's family was very simple, even a bit like Han Fei's own hut. I heard that the village chief's family had an accident in the fishing ground before, but the old man has been living alone.

General Han Fei is on the floor, this is the way: "Grandpa, you seem to be in trouble."

Mayor Wei Wei: "You see?"

Han Fei: "You just wrote your face, can I not see it? Need my help to help, now our helpers are all good people."

The village chief, hehe, a good guy, but now your gang is almost turning into a chamber of commerce, doing things every day.

The village chief: "Han Fei, originally I thought you could go to town, so that you can not only avoid tigers but also other things. But what I never expected was that Li must have died Out of your hands, this is beyond my expectations. "

Han Fei: "Thanks to Tang Ge's life-saving means."

"Ha ha!"

The village chief laughed without saying a word. How could a child so lie that his face turned red and his heart didn't beat?

Village Chief Wu: "Let's talk less about other things. Let's test your spirit level first! If it is exactly what you said, the last test must be wrong."

Han Fei: "Oh! It's ok."

After a while, the village chief took out a stone and solemnly said to Han Fei, "Put your hand on it, and enter the aura into it."

Han Fei did so. In fact, he promised the village chief to come and test the spirit veins. He had another purpose, and he himself was very suspicious of the flash of black light he saw last time.

Aura input, 霎 time rich yellow burst out.

The village chief took a breath: "It was wrong last time. This is the third-grade middle-aged spirit vein, and even almost the third-grade top-grade spirit vein."

Han Fei himself was indifferent and ignored the village chief's excitement. He stared at the stone tightly and saw that at the last moment, a black light flashed again, as if it had never appeared before.

"Sure enough, there must be black in the vein test, but I don't know what level black is."

The village chief said excitedly, "Han Fei, do you know that you are a third-grade Zhongpin spirit vein? Do you know if you are excited? Impact angler. "

Seeing that Han Fei had no response, the village chief froze. "Aren't you excited?"

非 Han Fei scratched his head: "In fact, when I broke through the fisherman, I already had a hunch, my spirit level should be higher than when I last tested, it's no surprise!"

But Han Fei quickly said, "Village chief, can you keep this secret for me?"

The village chief made a mistake: "Confidentiality? Why confidentiality?"

Han Fei: "Hi! I'm a low-key person. It's bad to be known by so many people. The so-called big tricks make others think that my veins are only top-grade, which is good."

Mayor Qiong: "..."

There is a big move in the God's Special Tree. Although the third-level Zhongpin Lingmai is not bad, it is not very good. It is also a big move. You are afraid that you have never been to town!

The village chief: "This statement is wrong. For example, you could go to town last time. It was my recommendation. But now, you can go to town without my recommendation. But although you are a third-grade Zhongpin spirit vein, you have arrived in the town. , It still seems too ordinary. Tianjiao in the town is basically four levels of spirits, the highest level is four top grades or even five levels. "

Han Fei: "Eh! I haven't gone to town yet!"

The village chief said solemnly: "Sooner or later."

Han Fei quickly opened the topic: "Village chief, I know that there is a yellow light erupting below the fourth level of the veins, and the blue light is the fourth level to the sixth level. The level 7 and above are purple. What kind of spirit vein is that?

Village Chief Wu: "What do you ask this for?"

Han Fei: "Curious! I wonder if people in the city will have more exaggerated veins than purple."

The village chief shook his head: "It is said that there are, but I haven't seen it. But that level of evil is a rare one in 100 years. Don't think too much."

非 Han Fei frowned slightly, really? Is black really better than purple?

I did n’t wait for Han Fei to think too much, but listened to the village chief: "Han Fei, you really don't plan to go to town? If you want to go now, I can still think of a way!"

非 Han Fei shook his head: "No, I'm not ready yet."

Han Fei is really not ready, the village is the closest to the sea, and every time you go to the sea, there are always some unexpected gains, you don't want to leave here so soon. Oh, like before, I had to be an auditor for three years before I could go. It was an insult to him. He felt that when he could violently defeat the invincible in the town, that was the time when he should go to the town.

The village chief groaned a bit: "Since you don't want to go, I won't embarrass you. But since you don't go to the town, as a fisherman, you can't do nothing in Tianshui Village every day and go to trouble all day Your ichthyosaur or plantation. "

Han Fei: "?????"

Village Chief Wu: "Han Fei, do you know why our fishermen are so at least in the village, why don't we see the fishermen infrequently in the streets and alleys and even from the airport?"

Han Feiyi: "Isn't it because there are few fishermen?"

Village head: "Small? Oh, every year, nearly 500 students graduate from four schools in the southeast, northwest, and northwestern China will be fishermen in the future. In fact, the number of fishermen in our village grows by about 100 every year. But where have these people gone, have you thought about it? "

Han Fei is surprised, so much?

"First-class fishing ground?"

The village chief nodded: "What do you know is a first-class fishing ground?"

非 Han Fei scratched his head: "Isn't that the place that is suitable for anglers to fish? The monster fish there aren't cope with fishermen, and the big fishermen disdain to go, naturally the angler is going to slap."

The village chief shook his head: "It was wrong."


Village Chief Wu: "Before explaining this matter, you must first divide the fishing grounds of one, two, and three levels."

Han Fei suddenly became interested. He knew nothing about the first, second and third level fishing grounds, and ordinary fishing grounds may still have a chance, but there are not many more advanced fishing grounds.

Village head: "Tianshui Village belongs to Bihai Town. In ancient times, there was a Bihai Yulong falling within the range of Bihai Village, hence the name. And Bihai Town has 8 suspended islands the size of Tianshui Village, each with water. , Wood, rain, wind, moon, sun, fire, and heart character. Tianxin Village is the closest to Bihai Town and has the strongest strength. Moon and Yang towns are next, followed by Fenghuo ... water, wood, and rain. Three villages are the weakest ... and eight villages share a first-class fishing ground with a radius of 3,000 miles. UU 看书 www.uukanshu.com "

非 Han Fei suddenly stunned: "Our village has a thousand miles of ordinary fishing grounds, and it is still exclusive to our village. Why are the first-level fishing grounds shared by the eight villages and only three thousand miles away?"

The head of the village sighed, "Do you know that there are hundreds of thousands of miles around us? Do you have any fishing grounds?"

Han Fei shook his head.

Village chief: "There are the most common fishing grounds, and not all of them are dangerous. The legendary legend has found ordinary fishing grounds suitable for survival, and then used the means of heaven to catch the suspended island of God. Therefore, there are now Tianshui Village and Bihai. The town and even that thousand-star city. "

Han Fei secretly took a breath and felt a little weird. What the hell? Someone grabbed the hanging island and put it here. How many super-character characters are there to achieve such a thorough approach?

The village chief continued: "In fact, the actual range of ordinary fishing grounds is not a thousand miles. This is only an estimate. In fact, some people have tested it before, and it is regarded as a division around 800 miles. There are already monster fishes that may appear in first-level fishing grounds 800 miles away. , But it is extremely scarce. And ordinary fishing grounds and first-class fishing grounds are not directly connected. There will be a middle area of ​​thousands of miles between ordinary fishing grounds and first-level fishing grounds, which is called a mixed area. There are fish in ordinary fishing grounds, and there are first-level fishing grounds. The fish in the fishery is equivalent to a buffer zone. "

Han Fei: "If the fisherman in our Tianshui Village wants to go to the first-level fishing ground, wouldn't he have to fly thousands of miles or even two thousand miles?"

The village chief nodded: "Yes, the eight major villages surrounded the first-class fishing grounds. Some people speculate that this is actually a place where the people who created the suspended island originally let people try."

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