God of Fishing

Chapter 2879: the death of the master

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"Little Han Fei, you dare to slaughter recklessly in my Eternal Clan, even if the Void is close to you today, it cannot save you."

The one who spoke was the master of the heavenly soul who had a relationship with Han Fei, and he was also the representative of the Eternal Race. This person wanted to peep into the cycle of reincarnation with two drops of blood. In the dragon battlefield

, and this person is almost a bad thing.

"Little Han Fei, hand over your soulless body and the blood you stole, and leave the refining demon pot. I may save your life."


But he heard Han Fei sneer: "There are some things you don't believe yourself, and you have to say them. I suspect that you are insulting my IQ. There must be nothing to ask for, and

And I tell you clearly, this is just a clone of me. "


The master was about to make a move, but was blocked by the master of the soul.

Just listen to the master of the soul: "Since it is a clone. Why, are you here to show off your achievements?"

"Suck it! Ah~"

Han Fei took a sip of the juice and said lazily, "Showing off? It's just beheading two Zhenhai gods, 20 god-killing gods, and 23 gods, what's so worth it?

To show off? If I really want to show off, I have to kill a master too! dont you agree? "

The Master of the Heavenly Soul snorted coldly: "If you have nothing to say, then I will destroy your clone. Since you have entered the Eternal Race unscrupulously, this seat will slaughter your Human Race.

Not too much, right? "

Han Fei smiled and said, "Of course, it's not too much, as long as you can kill it."

The Lord of Heavenly Soul sneered: "Just rely on a **** of death*, do you think he can protect it?"

Han Fei sneered: "You have the ability to speak to him... Well, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Recently, the first is a warning to the last battle of the gods,

Another thing, of course, is to make a small vine in a demon pot with you. If you pay it back, I will leave immediately. "


The Lord of Heavenly Soul seemed to have heard some great joke, laughed a few times, and then looked at Han Fei with cold eyes: "I think you see that the sea world is in trouble and lost.

mind. Do you want vines? What do you want, in today's sea world, there is no strong person who wants the strong, what qualifications do you have to ask for it? "

Han Fei looked around,

He glanced at the circle of eyes that wanted to spit fire, wishing to tear up his Zhenhai Spirit, and smiled slightly: "Take the lives of hundreds of billions of your Eternal Race.

Change. Did you see enough? "

The Master of Heavenly Soul has lost his patience, and his voice is cold: "If you continue to talk to me about the next sentence, don't blame me for killing you now."

I saw that Han Fei's fishing rod shook violently at this moment. I saw him grinning: "Look at ~www.wuxiaspot.com~ the fish is hooked."

Han Fei began to pull up the fishing rod, which seemed to be quite laborious, but the Heavenly Soul Master did not stop them. The Eternals also have the confidence of the Eternals, they know that Han Fei can fish out

Something extraordinary to come. However, they are also confident that whatever Han Fei catches today, they can suppress it.

They even had some expectations, Han Fei's trump card.

I saw a dense black mist, which was fished from the long river of time. Even if they can see through the long river of time, they can only see that piece.

Black fog, but can't see what is in the black fog.


Their first reaction was that Han Fei had caught a piece of death energy, and what was in the death energy was the **** of death. …. .


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