Chapter 439 Soul Heaven Envoy

 Hearing Emperor Daling's question, everyone present fell silent.

It’s not that they don’t want to offer suggestions, it’s just that this matter is really difficult to handle.

 Based on the current situation of both parties, their side is obviously at a disadvantage.

 If you want to reverse the situation or protect yourself, you will definitely need to pay an extremely huge price.

Even if they pay a high enough price, they may not be able to obtain their demands.

 This scene also made Emperor Daling, whose expression had just softened, become ugly again.

 Fortunately, at this moment, an ancestor from the Wanxiang Sect appeared.

Hu Wentian suddenly spoke.

“Your Majesty, from what I see, the probability that the opponent will invade our central territory should be less than 30%.

 After all, this is our home court.

Even if Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan are extremely powerful, it is impossible to break our formation here.

 Unless they already have the cultivation level of the late stage of divine transformation.

 But is that possible? "

Having said this, Hu Wentian couldn't help but smile confidently.

“Since ancient times, those who can cultivate to the middle stage of spiritual transformation have been very rare.

There are even fewer people who can cultivate to the peak of the middle stage of divine transformation.

 As for those who can cultivate to the late stage of spiritual transformation, there is no one.

This is not because we don’t work hard, or because we are not talented, but because the upper limit of this world is only so high at the moment.

These are the rules of the world. Even Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan, no matter how extraordinary their talents are, cannot break the shackles of the rules of the world.


 The only thing we need to consider is self-protection. "

As soon as he said these words, it was obvious that there were many people present with shocked expressions on their faces.


 They do not know the secrets of this world.

The upper limit of cultivation level in the Jiuyuan Immortal Realm is actually only the peak of the middle stage of Divine Transformation.

 No matter how extraordinary your talents and abilities are, you cannot break this shackles.

 For a time, many people’s Taoist aspirations could not help but be shaken.

 Because the impact this had on them was really too great.

 However, there were some who reacted quickly, but their faces were unstoppable, with a hint of joy appearing on their faces.

 Because they have realized that if what Hu Wentian just said is true, then there should be no problem for them to protect themselves now.

 And the most important point.

 Those are Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan. No matter how talented and powerful they are, they cannot break through the shackles of the current world and reach the late stage of divine transformation.

 This will undoubtedly provide another guarantee for their future safety.

Thinking of this, the joy on many people’s faces could no longer be concealed.

Then Hu Wentian said again: "In addition, the current situation of the Monster Tribe is probably not much different from ours.

With this opportunity, we may be able to turn our hostility into friendship, and even unite to fight against Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan. "


At this moment, the faces of many people present could no longer remain calm, and all showed expressions of disbelief.

 Unite the demon clan to fight against Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan.

You must know that in the past countless years, the number of human beings who died at the hands of the demon clan is simply uncountable.

 The two sides have already forged an almost irresolvable hatred.

 At this time, they, the Daling Dynasty, wanted to unite with the demon clan.

 The most important thing is that the target they will fight against after the alliance is actually the Heavenly King of their human race.

No matter how you look at this kind of thing, it is full of great irony.

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid there’s something wrong with this matter.”

 At this moment, a man carrying two guns suddenly came out of the queue.

He looked at the Lord Daling who was looking up and said in a deep voice:

“If we really choose to cooperate with the demon clan, how will we explain to those compatriots who died at the hands of the demon clan?

Nowadays, the many monks in my central domain, and even the monks in the entire Nine Yuan Immortal Realm, how will they view us?

 The most important thing is that the demon tribe has already taken refuge with the one outside the world. If we really cooperate with them, how can we explain to our world? "

 A series of questions immediately silenced many people present.

 There is deep thought in his eyes.


However, at this moment, Hu Wentian sneered disdainfully.

 He looked at the man carrying the two guns and said quietly:

“Sun Zhan, are you thinking too much?

 This incident is already related to the life and death of our Daling Dynasty.

 In the face of such things, those who sacrificed their lives in the past, even if they knew about it, they would probably understand what we did.

As for the monks in our Central Region, and even the entire Nine Yuan Immortal Realm, how will they view us? Is that important?

They are just a group of ants. When did the dragon need to care about the opinions of the ants? "

These words immediately made Sun Zhan's face become extremely ugly.

However, before he could refute, Hu Wentian spoke again:

“Sun Zhan, I know you have always hated the demon clan.

 But don’t forget your own identity. You are the general of our Daling Dynasty first, and then yourself.

 Everything must put the interests of our Daling Dynasty first.

As for what you said, the demon tribe has already taken refuge with the one outside the realm, so what?

Since they are still alive and well in the Nine Yuan Immortal Realm, it means that the will of this world is about to expire.

 An interface that is almost dead, why should we continue to maintain it?

 It is better to make plans early and find a better way out for yourself, that is the best solution.

 What do you think? "

I have to say that Hu Wentian’s words are truly treasonous and unethical to the extreme. Many people present obviously did not expect that he would openly make such suggestions at this time and on this occasion.

Isn't he afraid of being punished by God and letting him go crazy on the spot?

Even Emperor Daling and his ancestor Xiao Taiwang looked at Hu Wentian with rather surprised eyes.

“Hu Aiqing, can you tell me, do you really mean these words?”

 Emperor Daling’s eyes suddenly became extremely deep.

He and Prince Xiao looked at Hu Wentian and said calmly:

 “Based on what I know about you, you were not such a person in the past.”


Hu Wentian suddenly chuckled.

“Your Majesty is indeed Your Majesty, and you really know me very well.

Yes, these words are not entirely my meaning, but the meaning of Soul Heavenly Envoy. "

 “Soul Heavenly Envoy?”

 Hearing this name, the eyes of everyone present could not help but shrink.

Just hearing this name, Emperor Daling and others felt a sense of ominousness.

"Ha ha ha ha ha…"

At the same time, a burst of laughter suddenly appeared in the entire Daling Palace.

 Everyone was taken aback.

Soon, they were surprised to see a shadow suddenly spread beside Hu Wentian.

 Gradually, the shadow turned into a human form.

A man wearing a black cloak, with an evil aura lingering around him, appeared in front of everyone.

 “Extraterritorial evil spirits!”

Sun Zhan was the first to react.


 The two spears behind him suddenly appeared in his hands.

The powerful power belonging to the God-Transforming Heavenly Lord instantly surged towards the cloaked man, the Soul Heavenly Envoy.


 Suddenly, the Soul Heavenly Envoy suddenly raised his head.

His pair of deep and dark pupils suddenly burst out with a black light.

Sun Zhan, who had just made contact with his eyes, felt his soul shake.

 In an instant, my mind was buzzing, and my eyes were going black.

 The two spears that were originally attacking the Soul Heavenly Envoy also suddenly stopped in mid-air.

 “Your Majesty, please show mercy!”

At this moment, the voice of Emperor Daling suddenly came.

The Soul Heavenly Envoy, who was still imprisoning Sun Zhan's Yuanshen, suddenly chuckled.

The next moment, Sun Zhan fell to the ground, and cold sweat instantly covered his forehead.

“Elder Hu, can you tell us in detail what is going on?”

 Emperor Daling suddenly turned to Hu Wentian.

 His eyes were obviously a bit cold.

 The title was changed directly from Ai Qing to the other person’s professional title within the Wanxiang Sect.

“Haha, Emperor Daling, I’ll let you talk about this matter.”

Unexpectedly, before Hu Wentian could speak over there, the Soul Heavenly Envoy here had already spoken before him.

“I just want to ask, Emperor Daling and everyone here, have you really given serious thought to your own future?”

With one sentence, the expressions of Emperor Daling and everyone present suddenly changed.

 “What do you mean by this?”

Taiwang Xiao spoke in a deep voice.

The Soul Heavenly Envoy laughed.

  “It doesn’t mean anything in particular, it’s just the literal meaning.

 I think you yourself should know the current situation in this world better than I do.

You are not so naive as to think that your world really has a future, right?

Even if there is, what does it have to do with you?

Do you think that Jiang Chengxuan and Shen Ruyan will tolerate you? "

 A series of rhetorical questions immediately caused the expressions of Emperor Daling, Prince Xiao, and everyone present to change.

"And now, on behalf of my Lord, I am willing to give you a chance, a chance to truly survive."

Hearing this, Emperor Daling and Prince Xiao, as well as everyone present, already understood the true intention of the other party.

 Emperor Daling and Prince Xiao couldn't help but look at each other.


 Emperor Daling looked at the Soul Heavenly Envoy and said in a deep voice:

 “What do you want?”

 Hearing the words of Emperor Daling, a smile suddenly appeared on the face of Soul Tianzun.

He nodded with satisfaction and said, "It's really easy to talk to smart people.

 Our request is very simple, that is..."

 Speaking, the Soul Heavenly Envoy told everyone present his request.

After hearing this, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but shrink slightly.

 Everyone could not help but turn to Emperor Daling and Prince Xiao.

The two of them were silent for a moment, and then slowly replied:

“We can agree to your request, but we still need to discuss some details carefully.”


 (End of this chapter)

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