Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 505 Reincarnation of the Universe

Time flies, time flies.

When he returned to the Seventh Universe again, only a few years had passed since he left. The God of Destruction remained unchanged forever, and the erosion of time seemed to have left no trace here at all.

Melia, Melis and April have been practicing in the God Star environment specially created by Weiss. Now the three of them are also in the stage of rapid improvement, and their strength has improved a lot compared to a few years ago.

At this time, a silver-white electric light flashed past.

Weiss was slightly surprised and showed a faint smile, "Muyang, every time I see you, your strength is changing. If you include the ability to accelerate the world, you can now face Lord Beerus. Hold on for a while."

Weiss greatly appreciated Muyang's change in strength. The demigod stage is a range with a relatively large span of strength. It can be divided into levels that Muyang knows. Super Saiyan God is considered to have initially entered the demigod level. Super Saiyan Blue is the mid-range of the demigod level. Dark blue or The crimson stage is the peak of demigod level.

Only at this stage did he become qualified to compete with the God of Destruction.

For Muyang, who has the backing of the Accelerated World and no strength bottleneck, improving his strength is like drinking water. Especially at the stage of realm realization, his advantage is even more obvious. Take martial arts novels as an analogy. Others practice martial arts through hard work and continuous training and accumulation, but he is directly initiated by masters as if he is cheating.

It's really irritating to see people compare to each other.

But even so, Mu Yang can only compete with Beerus, the God of Destruction.

"Weiss, how does my strength compare with Beerus?" Mu Yang asked with interest.

Whis thought for a moment and said: "As long as neither party uses their special abilities, your strength is equivalent to 80% of Lord Beerus's strength, which can last for about ten minutes. If Lord Beerus uses the power of the God of Destruction, And if you also use the power of accelerating the world, then it’s hard to judge.”

"Maybe Lord Beerus destroyed you in an instant, or maybe you resisted the power of the God of Destruction. Although the result of the collision of rules is unpredictable, you will most likely lose. After all, your accelerated world is still in the growth stage. For the time being, Can’t compete with the rules of the entire universe.”

Mu Yang nodded seriously: "It turns out there is still such a big difference."

His pure strength is equivalent to 80% of Beerus.

Beerus has the "Destroy" skill, and he also has the "Erase" ability. In terms of potential, he may be a little higher, but at this stage, he is definitely not a match for Beerus, the God of Destruction.

In the original work, Beerus said to Sun Wukong who had just reached the Super Saiyan God state - your power is equivalent to 60 to 70% of mine. Now it seems that it is mostly just a joke. It is not bad to achieve something.

After all, Son Goku and the others entered the divine realm by using the power of multiple Saiyans.

The real situation may be similar. Super Red is about 10% of Beerus' strength, Super Blue is about 50%, and the Deep Blue that Vegeta later reached is about 90%.

"By the way Weiss, there is another parallel time and space outside the universe. Do you know about this?"

Weiss looked stunned for a moment, then picked up the staff and took a look: "Hey, that's true. Is anyone else using the time machine indiscriminately? That kind of thing is expressly prohibited by the gods."

"Such a thing is not good. My accelerated world was violently shaken before..." Then Bit told Weiss what he knew about the situation, and Weiss's expression became serious.

"There are still things like this... It's a pity that the Dark Demon Realm is beyond the entire universe, and there is nothing we can do about it." There are few things in the world that Weiss feels embarrassed about, but the matter of the Dark Demon Realm is one of them.

These guys keep disrupting the timeline, but only the space-time patrol team under the King of Time can resist, while the gods in the entire universe can only stare. After all, the gods in the universe are gods of space. Without deep knowledge of time, it is impossible to travel through the timeline.

Mu Yang nodded and sighed: "This is the most troublesome thing."

"Yes!" Weiss nodded.

Kaioshin can explore the number of parallel time and space based on the space-time ring in his hand. Angels have greater authority and can know more things through the magic staff in their hand. But facing the parallel time and space that has already been born, even angels are helpless. They can only try to reduce the possibility of the birth of parallel time and space.

At this time, Weiss suddenly smiled: "Actually, the increase in the universe does not cause any special harm to the universe itself, it is just that the variables that need to be guarded against have increased."

Mu Yang was stunned for a moment and asked in confusion: "What do you mean?"

Weiss thought about it and decided to tell Muyang some secrets. He valued Muyang's accelerated world because he saw his potential.

"Simply speaking, the development of the whole universe is the same as the change of seasons. It also goes through reincarnations one by one. At the beginning of each season, there is only one whole universe in the entire sea of ​​time and space, and there are eighteen universes inside. But with the development of the times, , the number of parallel spaces and the entire universe will increase one by one."

"This is actually very unstable, so Lord Quan Wang will work harder to eliminate the backward universes under the supervision of the great priest."

"By the way, Lord Quan Wang and the Great Priest are the highest gods in the entire universe." West specifically explained the identities of Lord Quan Wang and the Great Priest.

In fact, Mu Yang knew their identities.

"Lord Quan Wang has the supreme power in the entire universe. He can wipe out all universes and life. The form is somewhat similar to your 'erasure' ability. And when all universes in parallel worlds are wiped out, all the accumulated energy will A new initial universe will be formed on the other side of the sea of ​​time and space, and we angels will follow it."

"At that time, all the kings, great priests, and angels who were separated due to the emergence of the parallel world will be united again and undergo a new development. However, you will not be in the newly born universe at that time."

So this is the reason why Quanwang destroys the universe wantonly, but the high priest doesn't care? !

After listening to this, Mu Yang probably understood that the destruction of the universe would not affect the highest gods. Only the eighth dimension and below would be in danger. And when all the inner universes of parallel time and space are destroyed, the whole season of the universe will be over.

Sometimes when faced with an unsolvable dilemma, Quan Wang will even take the initiative to destroy all universes and start a new season in advance.

This is the right and ease of the higher gods.

It's just that it's too cruel for low-level beings and gods.

"Time and space are the most mysterious and taboo forces in the world. The destruction of the entire universe is certainly not a trivial matter. It will be accompanied by the loss of billions of lives. Although as a god, I have taken this lightly, but from the perspective of human nature, From an angle, it’s really a pity.”

Noticing the surprise on Mu Yang's face, Weiss smiled lightly and said: "I think your accelerated world is very promising. If it develops well, it may be able to carry the life of the seventh universe. I am looking forward to you. "

Mu Yang smiled awkwardly: "This really flatters me."

"So you have to work hard. Recently I heard that Mr. Quan Wang is very dissatisfied with the current universe. Maybe he will clean up the universe sometime." Weiss reminded calmly.

I know this. It will be more than ten years before Quan Wang cleans up the universe... That will be the Quan Wang Power Conference.

Mu Yang said to himself, but at least Weiss's reminder made him mentally prepared.

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