After the attack, just when Ying Wei was about to accept Lin Yi's reward, he discovered that Lin Yi had golden light forming on his body!

This golden light was so turbulent that it seemed to carry an overwhelming momentum. Ying Wei was shocked. Even though he was very confident now, it did not affect his inner surprise.

Lin Yi's damage rebounded, which meant that Ying Wei's attack damaged more than 100,000!

And his damage level last time was only purple level, with only more than 10,000 damage, but this time it suddenly became 100,000?

At this moment, he understood the reason for such high damage. It was because of the mask, the mask of the Ox Warrior!

After putting on the Ox Warrior mask, your own strength will be multiplied by 50, thus gaining fifty times the original strength!

The damage rebound was close in front of him. Ying Wei subconsciously punched forward. The huge fist landed on it, but the damage rebound only caused a few cracks. Ying Wei's strong body was still knocked off the stage.

After all, this damage rebound was caused by his fourth soul skill.

However, Ying Wei's skin was rough and his flesh was thick, so this level of impact would not cause him any injuries.

"Hahaha, let me tell you, one day I, Ying Wei, will be able to rebound this damage! My damage level at the moment must be in the middle or upper reaches of everyone present, or even the upper reaches!"

His confident words were indeed correct.

There are really not many people who can rebound damage at the scene, but there are a lot of people at the scene, so he is really at the upper level.

Lin Yi looked at the panel.

[Blood loss: 124676]

[Remaining blood volume: 883038335436]

[Damage Level: Black (Elementary)]

[Random reward: Four beauties choose their concubines]

[Host reward: Select all four beauties permanently]

Lin Yi was stunned for a moment when he saw this reward.

If the name of this reward is true, isn't this reward just for my wife?

No, you have to read the comments.

After reading the notes, Lin Yi was shocked. This is really the same as the name of the reward, which is to choose a concubine!

This reward is for my wife!

System, system, I didn’t expect you to be quite good at playing it!

Lin Yi said to Ying Wei: "Damage 124676, black primary level, your reward is to choose a concubine from four beauties."

After hearing this, Ying Wei smiled heartily and said: "As expected, this first black damage is just the beginning for me. Later you will see red damage, golden damage, and even more damage from my hand. It’s colored gold damage—wait, what did you say the reward was?”

Lin Yi: "Strictly speaking, choosing a concubine from the four beauties means choosing one of the four famous beauties on Blue Star to be your wife. You can choose freely according to your preferences."

As soon as these words came out, the whole audience was shocked.

What reward is this? !

Is this reward for your wife? !

Lin Yi looked at their expressions and could completely understand their mood. The key point was to choose a wife from the four beauties. This was simply a dream that no Blue Star person could realize in this life.

The look on Ying Wei's face was stunned, and he scratched his head: "Although I am very good, but giving my wife away so straightforwardly, is it... mainly because I am worried that she is not worthy of me."

Lin Yi: "..."

This is the most speechless time Lin Yi has ever had.

"If you think they are not worthy of you, you can choose to give up this reward, or you can consider whether they are worthy of you after seeing their appearance."

Ying Wei pretended to think deeply for a moment, nodded and said: "Then just waste a little of my precious time and take a look."

A group of single men in the audience really wanted to punch this thing to death.

It’s so damn good to be so good despite getting a bargain!

Lin Yi flicked his right hand, and a translucent light curtain appeared above the stands.

The first thing that appeared on the light screen was a beautiful woman from the frontier wearing a mink velvet coat. There seemed to be snowflakes floating around her. She stretched out her hands to catch a few snowflakes, and then blew them into the air. The whole picture was very beautiful. The temperament of this woman is very extraordinary.

The first one is Wang Zhaojun.

The men at the scene were stunned.

Although Wang Zhaojun's service made them feel strange, his appearance met everyone's unified aesthetic.

"It doesn't look good! It looks so pale, and it looks like it's frail!"

Ying Wei waved his hand, looking very disgusted.

There were already single men in the audience starting to curse, and some even wanted to rush up and beat this guy up.

Even Daiburn wanted to rush forward. This woman was simply more beautiful than all his concubines.

There was no expression on Lin Yi's face. He flicked his right hand and switched to the next person.

This is a woman wearing a long white dress. She is standing by the pool, her sleeves rolled up high, revealing two fair arms. She is shaking the freshly washed clothes in her hands.

This woman looks a bit more petite than Wang Zhaojun just now. Her temperament is gentle and pleasant like a Jiangnan beauty, and her appearance is even better.

The second beauty is Xi Shi.

Ying Wei frowned: "This arm is as thin as a toothpick. I'm really afraid that it will break if I touch it. Isn't there a normal woman?"

Lin Yi couldn't help but ask: "Don't you think she is good-looking?"

Ying Wei frowned again: "I can barely see."

At this moment, his hatred value is already full.

"Don't stop me! I'm going to go up and kill this kid!"

"He who rides on a horse is so arrogant! Look at how he looks like a buffalo. His nose is bigger than my feet!"

Ying Wei acted as if he didn't hear the curses in the audience and still stood there arrogantly.

Lin Yi flicked his right hand again, and the light curtain on the screen flickered again.

What appears this time is a charming woman wearing a pink dance skirt. She has beautiful makeup on her face. Her dancing posture and appearance are simply the best. Her every smile is enough to touch the hearts of others.

The third woman, Diao Chan.

Gu Rong raised his eyebrows, scratched his chest and said, "Grandpa, I really like this!"

Diao Chan's appearance was indeed suspected of cheating, because she danced, and this beautiful dance posture simply added a lot of points to her image.

Ying Wei suddenly cursed: "What an ugly monster! This face is painted like a ghost! She is worthy of me! She is also worthy of being called a beauty! She dances like a monkey walking, no eyesight!"

"It's your uncle! Are you willing to be your concubine?!"

Gu Rong suddenly cursed.

Ying Wei turned around and looked at the other person, shook his head and said: "You, go and line up. If you like me, you can line up from here to Xingluo City. Who do you think you are?"

Gu Rong: "..."

Lin Yi was almost amused by this guy.

He flicked his right hand again, and the content on the light screen was updated again.

This time, Ying Wei's eyes lit up and he took several steps forward.

"This is such a beauty!"

Yang Yuhuan, who weighed two hundred kilograms, was sitting on a chair that was almost crushed. She was eating lychees and spitting out the cores nonchalantly.

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