Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 72 - Completing Initial Evolution Requirements

On the other hand, Bai Zemin spent all morning, noon, and two or three hours of the afternoon eliminating zombie after zombie without rest. The same was true for Fu Xuefeng, Cai Jingyi, and Zhong De, who were taking care of the opposite flank that he was dealing with.

However, while Bai Zemin was doing well due to his high Stamina which had reached a horrendous point being his highest body stats, the same could not be said for Cai Jingyi and the other two.

After fighting constantly for several hours, the Stamina of the group of three could not keep up with their pace as even taking turns and slowing down the charge was difficult for them. Although they had killed a few zombies and had advanced in level to approximately level 8 or 9, mental fatigue was causing everyone's Stamina to drop at higher rates than normal.

With no other choice, Bai Zemin's three subordinates abandoned the separate hunt and walked towards the southeastern area, following the traces of blood and zombie corpses to find him and get some rest as they really needed it, or else they might end up suffering unnecessary injuries or even worse, getting scratched by a zombie and getting infected in the process.

After walking and searching for several minutes, the three finally felt the sound of several zombies growling as well as the thud of bodies and heads constantly falling to the ground.

The three looked at each other before rushing forward and after running for two blocks and rounding a corner, their footsteps stopped dead in their tracks as they saw the scene before them.

Bai Zemin's body was like a leaf swaying in the wind of a raging storm as he ran through a wave of over five hundred zombies. For a second he was on one side but in the next instant, his body seemed to become a blur before he appeared in a different place followed by dozens of zombie heads flying through the air.

Swoosh!... Swoosh! .... Swoosh!....

Bang!... Bang!... Bang!... Bang!....

The sound of the wind being cut in two by the blade of the Xuanyuan Sword as well as the bangs caused by Bai Zemin's kicks connecting against the skulls of the zombies and turning them into minced meat echoed throughout the block and the echo traveled through the nearby buildings.

Because Bai Zemin mostly used his sword, few people actually knew the fact that he was actually extremely skilled in all kinds of martial arts, and only Shangguan Bing Xue, Liang Peng, and Chen He had seen him in the cafeteria the first day they arrived at the gym. But the reality was that currently, every part of his body was a deadly weapon capable of taking the lives of his enemies in a matter of seconds and that thanks to his nearly 100 Strength points, a kick from him was not something that a normal living being could handle.

Under the frightened and shocked gaze of Fu Xuefeng, Cai Jingyi, and Zhong De, the small horde of about half a thousand zombies was completely decimated and crushed in five minutes. In fact, if it were not for the zombies being so crowded together and hindering Bai Zemin's ghostly mobility the zombies would have been eliminated far quicker as they could not even catch Bai Zemin's shadow and his movements were too explosive since before the zombies could react their heads had already been crushed with a kick or gone flying through the air after a slash from his sword.

"Phew..." Bai Zemin let out a loud and exaggerated exhale as he thought that it would be better not to attract so many zombies in close quarters as his mobility was greatly affected and until he could control Mana properly and gain some mastery over his Blood Manipulation skill his Agility was his strongest weapon against numerous but weak enemies.

"Oh?" Bai Zemin turned around and was a bit surprised when he saw the trio standing several meters away. "Guys, what's wrong?"

Cai Jingyi was the first to react to Bai Zemin's call. She walked forward and began to explain why they had come, being followed closely by Fu Xuefeng and Zhong De.

Bai Zemin listened to her words as he casually nodded and told them not to worry too much and congratulated them on their good work. However, his attention was focused on the steps the three of them were taking. Regardless of whether it was Fu Xuefeng, Zhong De, or Cai Jingyi; the steps of the three of them were steady and from the way she spoke without trembling, it seemed that she was not scared or fearful of anything in particular.

To many, this might be insignificant, but to Bai Zemin, who had acquired the experience of the best Special Forces soldiers on Earth, seeing three people who were previously just normal students going through a pool of blood and hundreds of corpses without flinching was something to be praised. If it was in the past, just seeing the bloody scene before them would be enough to scare them to death. Yet here they were, walking among decomposing corpses as if it was no big deal.

Of course, Bai Zemin knew that such a thing was possible only because the three of them had been fighting zombies constantly ever since he granted them the opportunity to absorb Soul Power and opened the gates of evolution for them. Therefore, after killing so many zombies, after seeing so much blood and so many deaths, Cai Jingyi and the other two had grown accustomed to the iron smell of blood in the air and their eyes contained a hint of steadiness that was not present before.

Bai Zemin was naturally secretly delighted as the more prominent they were, the better it would be for his long-term plans.


Suddenly a furious roar echoed through the surroundings, startling the four people present.

"Be careful and stay close to me!"

Bai Zemin's face changed slightly but Cai Jingyi's face and his other two subordinates turned pale while their legs grew weak threatening to fall down at any moment.

"That's definitely a First Order creature." Lilith, who had been watching from afar in boredom, seemed to perk up a bit as she floated several meters into the sky while looking down.

Bai Zemin, now you'll see that if it's you, the Soul Record test isn't as impossible as it seems... The scarlet eyes of the beautiful succubus glittered with a hint of anticipation as she observed a shadow move between the buildings in the direction of the group of four.Â

Without hesitation, Bai Zemin activated his Blood Manipulation skill on himself as he imagined the terrifying scene of his family being killed.Â

Adrenaline was a substance that the body secreted on its own and was not something he himself could control. Therefore, because Bai Zemin was no longer scared of low-level First Order existences, he had no choice but to improvise in order to somehow control how to produce that substance that he so badly needed to fulfill the requirements of evolution and at the same time improve his battle ability for a short period of time. Therefore, although it was unpleasant and he did not even want to think about his family being killed, at this moment they were the only trigger capable of triggering his fears to extreme levels enough to spiral out of control.

Fueled by anger and fear, he gritted his teeth as his organism began to secrete large amounts of adrenaline, a substance which was carried at twice the normal speed by the accelerated blood and moving through every part and nerve of his body by the blood vessels that pulsed like the heart of a living being after swelling to match the wild bloodstream.

[Kill Unranked enemies using Blood Manipulation with a single attack. 100/100].

[Kill First Order enemy using Blood Manipulation on yourself. 0/2].

[Kill First Order enemy with a single attack using Blood Manipulation on yourself. 0/1].

The simplest requirement had already been completed and Bai Zemin was aiming for the second and third. Since in both cases the activation of Blood Manipulation on himself was required, he did so without hesitation.

His pupils became half their normal size, amplifying his range of vision. His body became lighter and more flexible, making it easier for him to move in risky situations. His whole being seemed to be in a strange condition ready to face any kind of danger that threatened his existence.

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