Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 62 - Reaching Level 25: Choosing Job & Evolution Requirements! (Part 2)

"Here it is." Bai Zemin couldn't help but point and he might have rubbed his hands together if it wasn't for the fact that he was holding one of Lilith's hands with his right hand.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of First Order Anti-Magic Zombie level 33. Agility +50, Stamina +47, Health +32, Mana +24, Strength +11].

[You have leveled up and reached level 22. You receive two status points to distribute freely].

[You have leveled up...].

[You have leveled up...].

[You have leveled up and reached level 25. You receive two status points to distribute freely].

[You cannot reach level 26 before you get your first job and evolve to First Order. All Soul Power acquired during the evolution process will be recorded and calculated once the first class has been successfully acquired].

[All Soul Power absorbed has been calculated. You can choose one of the following jobs -

1) Swordsman

2) Mage

3) Assassin

4) Mechanic

5) Blacksmith

6) Martial Warrior

7) Blood Berserker]

Somehow, in Bai Zemin's retina, many messages could be seen and among them was a strange one showing many names like those that would appear in role-playing games.

These were messages that he had received after absorbing the blue-skinned zombie's Soul Power and was precisely because he was paying attention to these messages that after defeating the zombie he had stood silently without paying attention to Shangguan Bing Xue or Chen He and had practically forgotten about the treasures for a moment.

He had finally reached the level needed to take the necessary trial to obtain a job and when he passed it he would finally become a First Order existence!

According to Lilith, only those who manage to enter the First Order can be considered just people who started to evolve and Bai Zemin was close to taking that first big step!

"Seven jobs just to advance to First Order...?" Lilith's beautiful blood-colored eyes widened slightly and a hint of surprise glittered inside them as she muttered under her breath.

"Is that weird?" Bai Zemin looked at her in confusion.

"..." Lilith looked at him silently before sighing. It was a very complex sigh before a smile appeared on her face and she said in a low voice, "It's weird... Normally people have three choices or four at the most but you... Not only do you have seven choices but there is also a special job and a unique job among those seven choices."

Bai Zemin looked at her for a moment and then voiced his thoughts, "Just based on what you just said, a special job is something that is, at the very least, rarer than a normal job... As for a unique job..."

Seeing that Bai Zemin remained silent and looked at her, Lilith nodded to confirm his thoughts and slowly said, "It's just as you think."

"I see." Bai Zemin was silent as he looked at the messages in his retina.

A unique job. In other words, a specialty, a class that could only belong to a single existence and there couldn't be a second one as long as the first one exists. A kind that only appeared when the absorbed Soul Power and the experiences of one's own soul came together to form a trajectory, a path that had never been traveled.

"...So, what do you recommend?" Bai Zemin had already made up his mind but he just wanted to make sure so he asked to Lilith.

"Hehe..." She chuckled, seemingly happy for him, and began to slowly analyze, "Swordsman will definitely give you some mastery with the sword and your sword attacks will become more deadly. There's no doubt that this job appeared due to the fact that your first and only weapon so far has been a sword.

Mage. You will undoubtedly get a boost in the damage of your magic skills and it is likely that the cooldown of the skills will be slightly reduced.Â

Assassin. Most likely this skill will give you a kind of Stealth similar to the skill of that human named Fu Xuefeng and your existence will be harder for others to notice. This class probably appeared due to the existence of your Special Forces Soldier skill and your experience in mortal combat.

Mechanic. As long as you have the necessary tools and the time to study the vehicle you are likely to be able to repair any means of transportation in this world. As for how this class came about, it is probably due to your work before the arrival of the Soul Record to this world.

Blacksmith... This is a special class and probably comes from your previous job as well. Blacksmiths are quite rare, more so than you think since usually not many people are able to choose this class unless they are lucky. As a blacksmith, you can forge different weapons using materials from defeated monsters... Of course, you can still forge but the stats will be less amazing.

Martial Warrior. It's a pretty common class if you ask me. Most of the existences get this class to choose between.

Lastly... Blood Berserker." Lilith paused and looked at Bai Zemin deeply before continuing, "This is the first time I've heard of a job with this name. Berserker is a rather rare job in itself but it exists, a unique job too, and the person who chose that class is now a powerful warrior from another world and his strength already reached the Fourth Order in just 600 years... It may sound like a long time to you, but it's less than you think."

Six hundred years... Bai Zemin couldn't help but marvel and ask, ".... 600 years? Six centuries... Can we really live that long?"

"You can live much longer than that." Lilith looked at him with a serious expression and said confidently, "At the rate you are developing, as long as you don't die and don't realign your steps to indulge in carnal pleasures, there will come a time when you could reach the realm of the Higher Existences. By then, age and years will cease to matter as your body will always be in its prime."

Bai Zemin's eyes seemed to ignite with a burning flame like an uncontrollable forest fire and the desire in his heart burst out completely when he heard Lilith's words.

Eternal life and endless youth!

How beautiful and how terrifying those two words sounded together!

Eternal life could be a blessing but at the same time a curse depending on the point of view from which one looked at it.

To live forever but to see your loved ones, from your parents to your children die over the years; over and over and over and over again... This was something Bai Zemin could not tolerate.

An eternal life of loneliness? No thanks. Bai Zemin was not interested.

Therefore, he needed his family to be well or it was unlikely that he would be able to walk again with will and resolve.

I will definitely become stronger... Much, much, much, much stronger! Bai Zemin's soul seemed to cry out those words as he took a deep breath to calm down. It was still too early to think about such things. For now, better to concentrate on choosing his job and see what kind of test awaited him.

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