The four girls approached to the window carefully, their eyes were filled with fear but at the same time there was a small glimmer of hope in the midst of that terror; hope to be rescued and released from this building that had now become a prison, a prison that kept them safe but at the same time was slowly killing them.

"Look, it's a person!" Gao Min couldn't help but exclaim in delight as she tried to keep her voice under control.

"Could it be that help finally arrived?" Li Na observed as the zombies in the surrounding area began to move due to the sudden sound.

These creatures that had been surrounding the place silently and without moving were the reason why none of the girls had tried to escape through the window even with the hunger they felt. However, the sudden noise that broke the silence successfully lured them in.

Wu Yijun and Fan Wu also looked at the scene with shining eyes, longing to be rescued from hell once and for all.

* * *

Bai Zemin, Shangguan Bing Xue, Liang Peng, and Chen He were standing on top of a four-story building as they watched the zombies moving in their direction with trembling footsteps.

"That kid sure got braver now." Liang Peng couldn't help but point out as he looked ahead in slight surprise.

Several meters away, on the ground, Fu Xuefeng was destroying the windows of the nearby buildings by hitting them with whatever he found in the middle of the road. In his hand, the Xuanyuan Sword was responsible for decapitating any zombies that came too close and the Full Coat that Bai Zemin lent him temporarily had practically eliminated 70% of the risk of being infected by the creatures.

With stats at least two to three times higher thanks to the gear equipped, Fu Xuefeng no longer feared the zombies and after killing a few dozen of them he had already absorbed enough Soul Power to become a level 6 evolver.

Fu Xuefeng also decided to follow Bai Zemin's advice and assigned his acquired status points to Agility and Stamina every time he leveled up. With each time he felt his power increase, his gratitude to Bai Zemin only grew and at the same time, he began to realize how big the difference in power was between himself and others.

More than two hours had passed since Bai Zemin and the others had finished discussing the matter of rescuing the people locked in the female dormitory. During the meeting, a plan was formulated which consisted of four parts.

The first part of the plan was to lure all the zombies or any other creature in the vicinity by making noise. That way they could avoid having to face other enemies and practically cut off the chances of being surrounded; at the same time, it would also open a path in case it was necessary to retreat.

"Cai Jingyi, it's your turn." Fu Xuefeng approached the pretty Cai Jingyi and took off the Full Coat and handed her the Xuanyuan Sword.

Cai Jingyi nodded and took a deep breath before stepping forward and slowly approaching as she looked fearfully at the group of zombies whose limbs had been hacked off by Fu Xuefeng earlier.

More than twenty zombies lay on the ground writhing in their own blood that kept pouring out of the wounds as they constantly growled in her direction. Although their expressions were extremely atrocious and the smell of blood extremely repulsive, Cai Jingyi gritted her teeth and raised the sword high before fiercely slashing downwards.

[You have acquired the Soul Power of Normal Zombie level 4. Stamina +4].

[You have leveled up to level 2. You acquire two status points to distribute freely].

Due to the spectacular edge possessed by the Xuanyuan Sword, a Rare Grade Treasure with the ability to pierce through the defenses of almost any level 40 monster or enemy, the zombie's head split off as easily as if it were a hot knife cutting through butter.

Cai Jingyi was clearly surprised as she did not expect to end the zombie's life so easily, precisely for this reason she had used so much strength in her previous cut and if it wasn't for the sickening sensation of cutting flesh that traveled from the blade of the sword to her hands she might have even cut a part of the ground.

Still scared but at the same time feeling a bit braver and curious, she carefully walked towards another zombie and seeing that there was really no danger she cut again.Â

Suddenly a mutated dog appeared in a corner and attracted by the sound and smell of blood charged forward while looking at Cai Jingyi with eyes filled with murderous intent.

Cai Jingyi's face turned white as a sheet and her brain seemed to stop working as all she could do was watch in fright as the mutated dog approached. The current situation was very different from the incapacitated zombies! Besides with Cai Jingyi's average person's speed she could never escape from the mutated dog that was at least three to four times faster than a normal person!

Swoosh!... Swoosh!... Swoosh!

Three high-pitched hisses sounded from the distance and the next thing that the scared Cai Jingyi saw was how the mutated dog fell down to the ground without even a growl of pain.Â

An arrow had pierced the beast's head, another arrow had pierced its neck, and another arrow was firmly buried in its stomach. Red blood began to pour out of the holes slowly, forming a small puddle around the now lifeless body.

Cai Jingyi looked at the mutated dog that had been killed in a split second before turning around to look at the building across the street and quickly remembered that she wasn't really alone. Breathing a sigh of relief and smiling in thanks, she began to kill the rest of the zombies and level up; each time she leveled up she added a point in Agility and a point in Stamina just like Fu Xuefeng since in the beginning these two stats were the most important for survival.

With enough Agility one could evade attacks and flee as well as give the possibility to fight, but Stamina was needed to withstand the exhaustion or otherwise nothing would make sense.

Chen He sighed softly and lowered his bow.

Currently, Chen He's bow was not a treasure; it was just a normal bow just like his arrows. Therefore, to pierce through the mutated dog's fur he needed to imbue some Mana into the tips of the arrows using some magic power. However, because he was not yet good enough at controlling this new power energy, the consumption was quite high in the long run.

"We should start with the third part of the plan soon." Bai Zemin said and jumped out of the building without waiting for a reply.

The second part of the plan was precisely to take advantage of the opportunity to empower those people with the courage to fight, and currently there was little time left to finish. Therefore, it was time to implement the last two parts that represented the real beginning of the real battle.

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