Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner In The Apocalypse

Chapter 33 - Arrogant And Vicious Qiao Long (Part 1)

"He Yuhan, are you sure you want to do this?" asked one of the two surviving students hiding in the building.

"Xu Fen, do we have any other choice?" He Yuhan, a tall and fit young man in his twenties replied helplessly. "It's been almost seventy-two hours since I last tasted a bite and my stomach roars as if a monster is hiding inside. If we don't take the risk now to get some food, when our energy runs out it will be difficult to even move a single muscle."

Xu Fen's face was filled with helplessness. When had he ever had to go through such suffering? Going hungry was something he had never expected to happen to him. In the past, if he wanted something to eat, a call to a restaurant or a visit to a food center was all he needed to satiate himself, but now all this had disappeared so abruptly that it was hard to digest it all casually.

"I knew it. If we had stayed with the group, none of this-"

"Don't say any more!"

Xu Fen was muttering some reproachful words when He Yuhan's voice stopped him with a shout that startled him. He Yuhan didn't seem to care if the zombies or some other creature had heard his scream as he looked at his fellow survivor with eyes full of fury as he growled, "You want to go back to that place? What for? Do you want to become Qiao Long's bitch? Eh?!"

Xu Fen's face turned purple when he heard this and his heart filled with regret after remembering everything Qiao Long had done during the three days they were in his group.

"Poh..." He Yuhan spat on the ground as he cursed, "I'd rather starve to death or be eaten by a zombie than stay with that wild dog surnamed Qiao! It had only been three days but his humanity was already eaten by beasts!"

"Hey, look! Look over there!" Xu Fen suddenly interrupted his companion and quickly tugged at his clothes to urge him to look out of the window.

With a face full of anger, grief, and helplessness, He Yuhan forced himself to calm down and peeked his head out of the window. However, what he saw shocked him greatly and he could not suck in a breath of cold air.

"Who... Who are these people? Are they still human or are they ghosts?"

* * *

The group of more than twenty survivors led by Shangguan Bing Xue, Chen He, Liang Peng, and Bai Zemin finally arrived at the nearby street where the restaurant they aimed for this time was located. The walk was slow due to the survivors' fear so it had been another ten minutes since they left the place where the First Order Blazing Beetle's corpse lay.

"How will we do it?" Bai Zemin asked casually as he looked at the surrounding two hundred plus zombies.

"It's impossible to avoid a confrontation against them." Chen He surveyed the surroundings before pointing. "I think the best idea is to let me lure them out slowly. That way we can annihilate them all much easier after splitting them into smaller groups."

Because there were few buildings nearby, the zombies were quite scattered if compared to other places and the odds of being ambushed by a creature were much lower as well. However, the downside was that due to the lack of buildings when one zombie was alerted, the others would also notice the nearby life force and they would start moving in that direction.

"I get your idea though... Wouldn't it be easier if we just move forward and crush them all?" Liang Peng couldn't help but point out.

Shangguan Bing Xue looked at him as if he was an idiot, however, she nodded to express her agreement, "Underestimating the zombies is not good. But I also feel that it would be easier to simply charge in and finish them off with a single strike to avoid attracting too much attention for too long. Anyway with the strength of our group a few hundred zombies shouldn't be any problem."

Although Shangguan Bing Xue did not agree with Liang Peng's attitude of underestimating the enemy, she also felt that there was no need to give them importance when they did not deserve it. It was precisely for this reason that she accepted the proposal of the man with the hammer.

"Then let's get it over with." Bai Zemin didn't even wait for the others and charged forward like a whirlwind. In less than three seconds he had already closed a distance of several meters and found himself in front of the first zombie.

His right hand shook gently and the Xuanyuan Sword flashed with sharp light for a split second. In the next instant, the zombie's head flew up and created a beautiful arc in the sky as red blood spurted out like a fountain.

However, Bai Zemin had already left that place a long time ago so he could not even smell the scent of blood, let alone see it.

[You have acquired level 4 Normal Zombie soul power].

[You have acquired level 3 Normal Zombie soul power].

[You have acquired level 4 Normal Zombie soul power].


Even after losing his Velocity Boots during his battle against the First Order Blazing Beetle, Bai Zemin's Agility was still far superior to that of a normal person and most evolved people. With 76 Agility points and being almost eight times faster than a normal person, Bai Zemin's current speed had reached a point where he could move at approximately one hundred kilometers per hour.

Unlike most automobiles that needed some time at first to get up to speed, making use of his 85 Strength points to push himself with his legs, Bai Zemin could reach a speed of 0-100 kilometers per hour in just one second!

His body flickered through the crowd of zombies at astonishing speeds while small explosions sounded every time one of his legs stomped the ground to propel himself forward.

In less than five seconds, ten zombies had fallen to the ground decapitated and their blood was slowly beginning to accumulate.

"No matter how many times I see it, that speed is insane..." Chen He couldn't help but force a smile as he looked at the ongoing massacre. Was the help of the three of them even necessary here to begin with?

"Let's go." Shangguan Bing Xue said indifferently as she took a step forward. Her body moved like an ice butterfly and, although her speed was not as high as Bai Zemin's, she was definitely not slow as even Chen He and Liang Peng were quickly left behind.

With a smooth wave of her hand, ten small ice bullets appeared out of nowhere, and with another smooth movement gracefully the ten ice bullets silently pierced the heads of ten zombies almost at the same time.

Although Shangguan Bing Xue might not be as fast or as strong as Bai Zemin since these two stats of hers were lower than his, her crowd fighting ability was actually much more efficient.

While it was true that Bai Zemin was not using his Blood Manipulation skill, the reality was that Shangguan Bing Xue's ice bullet penetration ability was much higher. In addition, her control over Mana was truly spectacular. Therefore, when she joined the battle she had soon claimed the first place in kill count with Bai Zemin following closely behind.

Chen He sighed before drawing three arrows from the quiver on his back and placing them in his bow. With a simple pull and release of the bowstring, the three arrows soared through the skies like dragons and found themselves hitting three different targets at exactly the same time. The next instant, another three arrows shot out and three more zombies fell lifeless with an arrow stuck exactly in the middle of their foreheads.

Although his killing speed was not as high in comparison to Shangguan Bing Xue, it was only slightly lower than the speed at which Bai Zemin without using any skills cleared enemies.

Chen He's skill was Professional Sniper and as long as he had the necessary weapon, even a fly two kilometers away could not escape his shots.

Liang Peng snorted and seemed to take the zombie clearing as a competition. With a fierce growl, his body suddenly swelled up and several parts of the clothes he was wearing cracked,


With a mighty stomp that left a crack in the ground beneath his feet, Liang Peng made use of his monstrous strength to boost himself forward and with a ferocious blow, a zombie was smashed to pieces as flesh and blood splattered everywhere. With another heavy stomp, his body moved in a straight line towards the next target.

The survivors who had quietly stood by Chen He, who was constantly shooting arrows while Fu Xuefeng hurriedly picked them up, looked at the scene unfolding before their eyes with fervor and hope.

Being part of a group with four such powerful evolved ones and with others rising in the near future, the chances of survival were undoubtedly much higher and the lifestyle they could lead would undoubtedly be a lot better than those without power. Of course, with the new rules in place today, they all knew that they had to work hard to get a better living; but as long as they didn't have to fight a zombie or any other creature, it was okay for them to do any job. That was precisely why these survivors had the courage to go out to carry the food.

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