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Chapter 6648: encounter

Although Lin Rui did not want to cause trouble again, the next morning, they encountered a group of Tuareg militants in the jungle who had entered the area earlier than them to patrol.

Because the visibility in the dense forest was extremely poor, by the time they encountered each other, the two sides were already close at hand. Fortunately, Lin Rui had a strong premonition and sensed the coming threat in advance, paving the way for the soldiers in front. The early warning was issued to make them more vigilant. Otherwise, they might suffer a terrible loss when they come face to face with Tuareg militants.

An action team led by Black Mamba took on the role of scout. After receiving Lin Rui's warning, Black Mamba immediately ordered his team members to be more vigilant, open the safety of the gun, and push the bullet. chamber. When the Black Mamba was just around a big tree holding a submachine gun, suddenly a Tuareg appeared in front of him more than ten meters away. This Tuareg also held a rifle and was shooting at the black Mamba. Mamba comes.

When the two people met, they were both shocked. The Tuareg soldier screamed as if he had seen a ghost. He did not immediately pull the bolt and load the gun, but turned around and ran away.

The Tuareg militants were also frightened. First they screamed in shock, and then they reacted, pulled the bolts, loaded their guns, and started shooting in the direction of the enemy.

The people on both sides just screamed together and started fighting face to face in the forest with guns in hand. When the people behind both sides heard the gunshots in front, they dispersed and rushed towards the front. The distance between them was only a few dozen meters away, and various gunshots suddenly rang out.

By the time Lin Rui brought the people up, both sides were already fighting each other. Because the battle came so suddenly, the Tuareg militants were almost completely unprepared. The Tuareg scouts in front , under the fierce blocking of Black Mamba and the others, they suffered heavy casualties almost instantly.

The difference in firepower between the two sides was completely highlighted in this situation. Although the strength of the two sides was similar, the firepower of the Tuareg militants was not even able to parry in front of these mercenaries who were armed to the teeth. When a shot is fired, it is often suppressed by several or even dozens of bullets.

Therefore, these Tuareg militants were beaten to the point where they were unable to fight back. They were knocked to the ground as soon as they met, and the rest immediately began to retreat.

By the time Lin Rui and his men caught up, the Tuareg militant scouts had been repelled by the Black Mamba. At this time, Lin Rui could not judge the enemy's strength, so he gritted his teeth and ordered: "Assault! Assault! "

After hearing Lin Rui's order, the officers and soldiers in Mali knew what to do. This was the most difficult training subject they had ever received in special training, but it was also the most powerful tactic they had mastered. Everyone immediately reorganized into an assault team. Under the leadership of each team leader, they all shouted and headed towards the jungle ahead.

At this moment, the Tuareg militants are still in a state of confusion. Although they have received news yesterday that there is an enemy force with a similar strength to theirs nearby, and according to people behind them, this enemy force should It's the Malian army.

So this gave this group of Tuareg militants a paralyzing idea, thinking that as long as it was the Malian army, there was nothing to be afraid of. You must know that their fifth regiment had frequently fought against the Malian army. I have experienced the combat effectiveness of the Malian army.

In previous conflicts, there were many examples of their platoons defeating a company of the Malian army, so fundamentally they still despise the Malian army. Even though the rear had informed them that the Malian army had very powerful firepower and had caused heavy casualties to them in the rear, the Tuareg militants still believed that there was no need to fear these Malian troops.

So when their scouts encountered the enemy just now, they were beaten to a pulp as soon as they met, which made them a little confused. The commander of this group of Tuareg militants was unable to judge the strength of the opponent for a while. Although he immediately ordered to shrink his troops and prepare for an assault, before they could prepare for an assault, they heard a gunshot from the opposite side. There was a lot of yelling.

Moreover, the sound of large footsteps trampling on the grass could be heard in the jungle opposite, so this group of Tuareg militants had no choice but to accept the challenge. Under the leadership of their commander, they picked up weapons and began a counterattack.

For this group of Tuareg militants, this battle was a completely confusing one. They did not understand the opponent at all, and they did not know how powerful the opponent was. When the strength of both sides was similar, they were directly on the ground. They fought against each other in the jungle.

Within a moment, the two sides exchanged fire again, and all kinds of weapons roared crazily. Although many of the Malian officers and soldiers in the training camp are new recruits, after all, they have withstood the test of the battlefield a few days ago and have now begun to initially adapt to the battlefield environment. In addition, they also underwent rigorous exercise during the special training period. In the training of assault operations, I can't say that I have mastered this tactic proficiently, but at least I won't be in a hurry.

They used an assault group of three to four people to attack in a skirmish line, drawing a wide assault line in the jungle. Then, with the cooperation of the soldiers in each group, each group formed a coordination.

In addition, their individual firepower at this time, UU Kanshu, far exceeded the individual firepower of the Tuareg militants, and the advantage of close combat was fully utilized. The submachine gunners rush in front and are responsible for mopping up enemy forces at close range. The riflemen and carbineers are responsible for covering. Soldiers armed with light machine guns are responsible for suppressing fire.

Each group takes turns to cover and continuously launches assaults forward. Once encountering an enemy's obstruction, several assault groups will immediately concentrate on annihilating them with superior firepower.

Moreover, during the advance, each group also penetrated through the enemy's gaps to form a locally superior force against the small group of Tuareg militants, surrounded and annihilated them, in short, maximizing their firepower advantage.

Although this group of Tuareg militants are also very brave, they don't know how to deal with this kind of assault tactics. What's more, most of these Tuareg militants have undergone strict training. They have been trained, but they have never actually been on the battlefield, and their individual soldier quality is not necessarily better than that of Malian officers and soldiers.

In addition, their weapons were inferior to those of humans, and their automatic rifles could not suppress the enemy's firepower at all. Therefore, when the two sides began to clash, many Tuareg militants had just fired and before they had time to change their magazines, the enemy He had already rushed to them.

And often before they could raise their guns to aim at the enemy again and fire again, the dense bullets fired from the weapons in the enemy's hands would make holes in them and fall to the ground.

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