After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 76 If you play again, my child will be entertained!

Looking at the two little friends, they both ran towards the bathroom of the training building.

Su Wan touched her lower abdomen, and felt that she was too worry-free and sensible!

She doesn't want to say three words to others and vomit once.

It seemed to be provocative, for fear that the hatred would be dissatisfied.

In this way, Su Wan reconciled with Commander Gu.

However, after a few days of reconciliation, Gu Jue had to leave the training star base because he had business to do.

There was not much time left for Su Wan's military training.

She said, "Then the next time we meet, will it be the wedding day?"

Gu Jue looked at his delicate little wife, but actually didn't want to leave.

He finally understood that when Zi Lan first got married, he wanted to be conjoined twins with Queen Roman Ya.

At this moment, he wanted to put his little wife in his pocket and take it with him wherever he went.

But rationally told Commander Gu, no way.

It is dangerous to carry out the task, and the current state of the little wife is not suitable for running around.

He leaned over and kissed Su Wan's forehead, "Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

Su Wan has become very courageous recently, and has begun to tease Commander Gu.

She puffed out her belly that hadn't started to show, and said: "It's okay, anyway, I have experience in this matter, if the groom can't come back in time, I will change the groom."

Gu Jue laughed angrily at her small appearance.

Lean over and kiss.

But this time it was no longer the forehead, but the corner of the lips, and he took a small bite like punishment.

"Are you a dog?" Su Wan was a little speechless, covering the corner of her mouth and looking at him accusingly.

The corner of Gu Jue's mouth raised slightly: "Wolves are also canines. Don't worry, no one will dare to replace me."


In a blink of an eye, the one-month military training is finally over.

For the students, the final scores are really happy and sad.

Suman had the most depressed life this month, and her grades were also quite low, almost at the bottom of the department.

On top of that, the roommate ignored her because of the fact that her mother had been in prison.

And Huo Yichang didn't pay attention to her because he got a zero score in his group before, which led to his poor grades in the end.

Su Man looked at the front with resentment, Su Wan, who had a good chat with Rosina and Sheng An, was itchy with hatred.

Because the signal was cut off, Suman had just returned to normal, so Suman quickly sent a message to his mother.

Talk about your grievances, and how Su Wan bullied her.

But Suman waited for a long time, but her mother didn't reply to the message, which made her a little upset.

It shouldn't be!

Mother has always hated that Su Wan who was born to Lin Ranyue the most.

People from each college major are gathered together.

Suman looked to the side, and happened to see Lin Yu, the top student in their academy, sitting there looking down at the information on the optical brain.

Lin Yu is very handsome, even if he is not a lycanthropist, but his physical fitness is considered good among ordinary humans.

On top of that, the man was smart and had an excellent memory.

But in Suman's view, it's a pity.

This person's background is so ordinary that he is from the eighth district.

From Suman's point of view, the people in the lower three districts are not worthy of her more attention.

Knowing that Lin Yu and Su Wan have been in the group several times, they seem to be working together happily?

The corner of Su Man's mouth raised a sneer, he got up and walked over, and sat next to Lin Yu.

However, Lin Yu ignored her for a long time.

Su Man pursed her lips and said, "Lin Yu, don't you know me? My name is Su Man, and I'm Su Wan's younger sister."

Lin Yu looked up at her, "I remember you, when you were swimming, you used a discharge device to discharge, trying to hurt Su Wan."

Suman: "I, it was an accident. I didn't mean it! Besides, isn't my sister okay? I was the one who had the accident!"

Lin Yu turned his gaze back, ignoring her.

He didn't know about the relationship between the Su family sisters at first, but what happened at the pool that day also gave Lin Yu a very bad impression of Su Man.

In order to win or lose, he attacked his pregnant sister. From this point, Lin Yu knew that this Suman was not a good thing.

Later, I learned from Rosina and the others that Su Wan and Su Man were nominally sisters, but they were not related by blood.

Suman is the adopted daughter of the Su family.

The affairs of rich people are complicated, and there may be some grievances and hatreds mixed in.

But these have nothing to do with Linyu.

He is Su Wan's friend, not Su Man's.

Su Man was left out in the cold, and she was even more depressed. She said indiscriminately: "Why, you also protect Su Wan? Did you also see her beautiful and fell in love with her? But, have you forgotten that Su Wan is a caretaker? Commander's wife, it's no use if you like her!"

Lin Yu turned her head suddenly, and said with extreme disgust: "Have you finished talking? Get out of here!"

Su Man was surprised, "You, you let me go? Lin Yu, you can even say the word go?"

Lin Yu ignored her, but packed her things, turned and went back to the lounge.

Su Wan only heard about the conflict three hours after the spaceship took off.

Rogina put on a mask beside her, "Is Suman sick? He even got into a fight with Lin Yu. Lin Yu is recognized as the person with the best personality and the most sensible way of doing things among the freshmen."

Sheng An, who was standing on his head next to him, said, "Suman actually has a specialty."

Rosina: "She still has special skills? I always thought that she just thought she was good at it."

Su Wan couldn't help laughing.

Sheng An: "She always has a way to choose a word that people don't like to hear the most. Do you think this is a specialty?"

Rosina: "When you say it like this, it seems to be true. But in this way, she still thinks that she is special."

With a low mouth, sooner or later he will be educated and kill himself.

Su Wan, who was eating nuts, couldn't help it, and hugged her stomach happily.

"Stop teasing me, if you tease me any more, my child will be entertained!"

Rosina was shocked after hearing this: "My ancestors, don't make fun of my younger siblings in advance, otherwise, Commander Gu will definitely kick me out of the galaxy!"

Several people laughed.

It still takes more than 30 hours for the spacecraft to return to the first sector.

Su Wan can't even drink the nutrient solution now. Of course, she thinks it's because the baby is picky.

Zai Zai:?

Su Wan asked Rosina to help borrow the kitchen, took two roommates there to open a small stove, and brought a share for the kitchen Jack and others by the way.

Su Wan also made dumplings this time, cooked them and put them in the lunch box, and asked Jack to hand them over to Murray.

Rosina next to him was curious, "Xiaowan, why are you so nice to Director Mu all of a sudden?"

Su Wan: "It's okay. Oh, by the way, Gina, do you know why Director Mu has been single? You know a lot of people, can you help me find out the reason?"

Showing the photos to her mother that day, Su Wan felt that her mother seemed to be interested in Director Mu.

Of course, this kind of thing can't be rushed.

The most urgent task now is to find out why Director Mu has been single for so many years.

Is it the white moonlight that you have been thinking about?

If this is the case, then this handsome uncle will pass immediately, isn't he just like her scumbag father!

Or... Director Mu doesn't like women?

This problem is serious!

Everyone: Wanwan, I heard that you are getting married again, what if the groom can't come back by then?

Su Wan: It's okay, I have experience in this matter. If the groom doesn't come, just change it!

Gu Jue: Huh?

Su Wan: But my brain is the best brain in the world, so I will definitely not let me go, right?

Everyone: Oh hoho, FLAG is set up again~~


Babies, please help save the monthly pass for next month, okay~~

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