His eyes were burning hot.

Mu Yao turned her head slightly, ignoring the abnormal Jiang Yan today.

It wasn't until the waiter brought a plate of cherries that Jiang Yan quietly looked away. He pushed the cherries in front of Mu Yao, "Eat it."

Mu Yao didn't eat cherries this morning, looking at the fresh, plump, red and purple cherries in front of her, she really wanted to eat them, but how would Jiang Yan know?

"Thank you." She pushed the cherries to the middle, and asked softly to little Tong Xin, "Does Tong Xin want to eat?"

When Xiao Tongxin heard Xiangxiang's sister asking her, she suddenly became happy again. She nodded her head obediently and smiled sweetly, "Xinxin wants to eat."

Little Pudding blinked his big eyes, and said milkyly, "I want to eat pudding too."

"Okay, this big one is for Pudding." Mu Yao thinks that little Pudding is so cute and cute, which is the complete opposite of his unlovable brother.

The elder brother didn't make a sound. Little Pudding turned his head to look at Jiang Yan. He spoiled his elder brother very much, "Sister, my elder brother wants to eat too."

Little Pudding looked at Mu Yao eagerly, and said in an immature voice, "Sister, can you share one for brother?" Little Pudding felt that he couldn't eat alone.

Jiang Yan's extremely beautiful thin lips curled up slightly.

Raising a brother for a thousand days is finally useful.

Mu Yao was slightly taken aback, she looked at Jiang Yan, "Do you want to eat?"

"Yeah." Jiang Yan looked at her, waiting for her to give it to him.

Seeing that Jiang Yan didn't intend to reach out for it, Mu Yao just took one for Jiang Yan as she would for a child, "Here you are."

The dark eyes were slightly bright, and the corners of Jiang Yan's lips were raised, and he glanced at Fu Zhengran intentionally or unintentionally.

On the other side, little Tong Xin is in a hurry, the villain's brother also has something to eat, and Xinxin's brother can't live without it!

She spoke with a bit of anxiety in her milky voice: "Sister Xiangxiang, my brother wants to eat too..."

"Okay." Mu Yao smiled and picked up a cherries, "Squad leader, this is yours."

The smile on the corner of Fu Zhengran's mouth was tinged with gentleness, "Thank you."

His dark eyes darkened, and Jiang Yan bit the cherries in his mouth.

Extremely sour!

After a meal, because there were little Tongxin and little pudding talking, the embarrassment of the immature voice disappeared.

A few people left the hotel, and when they passed a children's toy store, Xiao Tongxin saw the small spaceship at the door, his eyes lit up, and he stopped walking.

"Do you want to take a boat?" Fu Zhengran asked his sister with a smile.

Little Tongxin raised his head, his big eyes were bright, "I think so. Brother, can Xinxin sit?"

"Of course." Fu Zhengran looked at Mu Yao apologetically.

"Let Tong Xin play, we'll wait for her here." Mu Yao smiled.

"Pudin wants to play too."

Little Pudding stood aside, put his hands on his fleshy face and asked Jiang Yan, "Brother, Pudding wants to play too."

Jiang Yan looked down at him, "Don't ask me."

Little Pudding rolled his **** eyes, turned to look at Mu Yao, he fluttered his eyes, and said softly, "Sister, Pudding wants to play, can you? Pudding be good."

"Okay, then when Tong Xin finishes playing, it's your turn." Mu Yao said softly.

Little Pudding grinned and ran to the side of the small spaceship, watching and waiting.

Xiao Tongxin pursed his mouth, his big eyes were full of grievances. This scoundrel robbed her of her sister, and now he is robbing her of toys. How annoying!

"I'll play with this for you, and you return Sister Xiangxiang to me." Little Tongxin said aggrievedly to Little Pudding, "Sister Xiangxiang belongs to Xinxin."

Little Pudding shook his head calmly, and said in a childish voice, "My sister belongs to my brother."

Hearing this, Fu Zhengran was taken aback.

Jiang Yan not far away had a smile on his handsome face.

On the way back, Fu Zhengran left with Xiao Tongxin.

Jiang Yan held his head in his hands bit by bit, trying to sleep the little pudding.

When she was about to walk to the car, Mu Yao stopped. She turned her head to look at Jiang Yan. Under the sun, he had sharp edges and corners, his brows were as handsome as jade, faintly alienated, but handsome.

"Jiang Yan." Mu Yao called him softly, "That...do you like me?"

Mu Yao asked directly and frankly, she was not someone who liked to beat around the bush.

Before, she thought that Jiang Yan was helping her out of Grandpa Jiang's face, but today Jiang Yan's behavior was really abnormal, and his attitude towards her was also weird, so she had to think about it.

Jiang Yan tightened his hand holding the little pudding, stopped in his footsteps, and looked at Mu Yao with his dark eyes.

"You think I like you?" Jiang Yan said in a low voice, his eyes fixed on Mu Yao.

"You're a little weird today..."

"You're overthinking. Today I just met you by chance. You don't think I came to you on purpose, or I wanted to have dinner with you on purpose, right?" Jiang Yan snorted coldly.

How could he like Mu Yao?

"Sorry, I misunderstood."

She used to be beautiful and had many suitors, but now she is becoming more and more beautiful every day, and the degree of beauty is faintly higher than before, so Mu Yao thinks it is normal for others to like her. It's just that she has no idea of ​​falling in love for the time being, and she doesn't like Jiang Yan either.

Looking at Mu Yao's slightly relieved expression, Jiang Yan's thin lips were almost pursed into a straight line, with a bit of coldness, and the little red mole on the lower lip disappeared between the lips.

When Little Pudding heard his brother's voice, he immediately stopped dozing off. He yawned childishly, "Brother, it's wrong to lie."

"you shut up."

Jiang Yan patted Pudding's buttocks, and his cold face instantly became hot. He didn't even look at Mu Yao, and got into the car directly with Pudding in his arms.

In the car, Little Pudding looked at Jiang Yan with wide eyes: "Brother is lying, he is not a good boy, brother wants to have dinner with sister."

While eating, he saw his brother peeking at his sister many times.

Jiang stretched out his big hand, messed up Pudding's watermelon hair, and said coldly, "You don't have any cake today!"

When get out of class was over, Mu Yao saw Professor Xu was about to leave, so she hurried to chase him out.

"You said you want to go to the laboratory to blend fragrance?" Professor Xu pushed his glasses, very surprised, "You know how to blend fragrance?"

"I have learned it myself." Mu Yao replied.

The laboratories of other schools are open at any time, and there will be a dedicated teacher on duty in the laboratory, and students can ask for advice when they encounter difficulties.

But their school is different. Flavors and fragrances were only opened this year. They are the first class, because they are only learning some theoretical foundations, and have not learned operations such as extraction of fragrances and fragrances, so that the laboratory has not yet opened.

Professor Xu has a deep impression on Mu Yao. Although she just passed the written test before, as long as she did the questions, she was all correct. As for the interview, she was also the only student who answered all the questions correctly. It can be seen that she has this aspect. The basics.

But Professor Xu didn't think Mu Yao could mix fragrance.

"Professor Xu, can I apply to use the laboratory?" She has no money to buy equipment and can only rely on the school's laboratory.

"I have an application form in my office. You can apply for it after you fill it out." Professor Xu doesn't think that Mu Yao really knows how to make fragrances, but if students are willing to learn, he won't stop them.

Mu Yao was overjoyed, "Thank you Professor Xu."

"Xiao Yao, where did you go just now?" Xu Yan handed the potato chips to Mu Yao. Except for sleeping, she eats snacks almost all the time.

Mu Yao waved her hand, but took out the cherries she had prepared, "I had something to ask Professor Xu just now, what's wrong?"

"Just looking for you at the monitor."

Xu Yan approached Mu Yao and said, "Next month is the school sports meeting. There are only four girls in our class, and none of them can escape. Xiao Yao, what event are you going to sign up for?"

Mu Yao was slightly taken aback, "What did you report?"

"I applied for the 100-meter hurdles. Feifei was strong enough to apply for the shot put. Zishan applied for the standing long jump and the high jump. Now there is still the women's 800-meter race and the 5-person 2,000-meter relay. For one item, the number of girls in our class is not enough, so we will not participate." Xu Yan said.

"Then I'll report the women's 800 meters." Mu Yao has always hated sports and is not good at sports. Running is her weakness, but she can't drag the group back.

"Okay, then I'll sign up for you."

When returning to the small building, Jiang rushed over enthusiastically, the little thing rubbed against Mu Yao's feet, shaking its chubby dog ​​body.

Mu Yao picked it up and rubbed its head, "Ginger must have missed me."

"Woof, woof, woof." Ginger Dog rubbed his head against Mu Yao's hand, looking very obedient.

Mu Yao felt that this little thing was very lively during the day, but at night it seemed that she had changed her temperament, and she was a bit cold, so she didn't even pay much attention to her these few nights.

Small things are still cute during the day.

"Let's go, Ginger will accompany me to run." The stitches had been removed a few days ago, and the doctor checked it again, and there was nothing wrong with it, so it can move around.

"Wow woof."

There is an open space in the backyard of the villa, which is just suitable for her to run there.

The sky gradually darkened, and when Jiang Yan crossed over, he saw Mu Yao running past him. She had her high ponytail tied up, and the soft ends of her hair followed her running, swinging and passing by. Her slender neck.

I don't know how long it took, but Mu Yao came back after running a lap.

She bent down and picked him up, only to see that there were small beads of sweat on the tip of her nose that seemed to be soaked in snow, and the fragmented hair was also stuck to the side of her smooth face, which was very beautiful.

Mu Yao's breathing was unsteady, "Is this little thing boring?" She stroked Jiang's head, "If you're bored, stay with me, and I'll be free after I finish my sports meeting."

Mu Yao participated in the sports meeting?

Jiang Yan raised his dog's head and looked at her panting, pale face, and very tired appearance. With her squeamish appearance, she participated in the sports meeting. Are you sure she won't faint at the sports meeting?

In the dining room, Mu Wanhai and He Xiumei were both there.

Something happened to the company during this time, and Mu Wanhai was very busy.

It's not that he hasn't called the attention of Ye's Group, but the shares are not in his hands at all. As for the dividends of Mu Yao's shares, he has invested in a project recently, and now there is a problem with the project, and the partner wants to withdraw the investment.

"Xiaoxue, there is a banquet tomorrow. You and your father will attend it together. Dress nicely." The partner has a son who is about the same age as Xiaoxue. If the two can chat, it may be possible for the partner to cancel the divestment.

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoxue was taken aback.

She came here through time travel, of course she knows the plot in the book, this time at the banquet, she will be fell in love with a male partner at first sight. She is now in the entertainment industry, so of course she doesn't want to cause such trouble. Moreover, what she likes is the hero in this book, Jiang Yan.

"Dad, I have a camera to shoot tomorrow, so I'm afraid I won't be able to attend with you."

Mu Wanhai frowned, looking a little displeased, "Filming is not as important as the banquet, you can move back."

"Dad, I..."

"What kind of banquet does the child have to attend?" He Xiumei asked.

"You don't understand about the company." Mu Wanhai's tone became tough, "Xiaoxue, you will attend with me tomorrow."


Just as Mu Xiaoxue was about to say something, she happened to see Mu Yao coming in with a dog in her arms. She looked happy, knowing that it was the function of her koi system, "Dad, Xiao Yao should be free."

"What's the use of her going!" Mu Wanhai looked up at his little daughter, and was stunned as soon as he finished speaking.

Recently, he left early and came back late, so he didn't have much time to meet his little daughter. He didn't expect that she would be so white after not seeing him for a while? Still more beautiful?

Between the eyebrows is the shadow of his ex-wife Ye Yun, but the youngest daughter is a bit more beautiful than Ye Yun.

"Why do you bring the dog in?" Mu Wanhai's tone softened a bit.

"I just took it for a run." Mu Yao put **** next to her seat.

"Xiaoyao, just now my father said that he would take me to a banquet tomorrow, but unfortunately I'm not free tomorrow." Mu Xiaoxue knew that the male partner liked her. As for Mu Yao, her appearance type was completely different from hers. Like, the other party should not have a crush on Mu Yao.

Mu Xiaoxue thought for a while and said, "You haven't attended a banquet yet, why don't you take Xiaoyao there, Dad?"

Mu Wanhai looked at his youngest daughter, and suddenly felt that this daughter was useless and useless. He nodded, "Then you can attend the banquet with me tomorrow."

"I have class tomorrow." Mu Yao refused.

"Please take a day off, anyway, your grades are not good enough for a day and a half." Mu Wanhai disagreed.

Mu Yao frowned, she looked at Mu Wanhai, "What if I say I don't want to go?"

"It's only been a while since I picked you up, and your wings are hard?" Mu Wanhai couldn't bear to refuse, "Mu Yao, I'm your father, I've been raising you, I've paid you to go to school, I've given you food and a good place to live , and even give you living expenses on a regular basis, you just disobey my words like this?"

"Father, if Xiaoyao doesn't want to go, then I should ask the crew for leave." Mu Xiaoxue said.

Although she didn't want to be entangled by a male partner, but she suggested Mu Yao to attend the banquet just now, and Mu Wanhai and Mu Yao quarreled, but it seemed that she was the one who sowed discord.

Mu Wanhai faintly realized that this little daughter seemed to be out of his control, which was not something he could accept. He looked at Mu Yao, tried to slow down his attitude, but with an irresistible tone, "No, just Mu Yao will attend the banquet with me."

"Okay, I'll go." Mu Yao pursed her lips and agreed. Before she moved out of Mu's house, she couldn't break up with Mu Wanhai.

The most important thing for her now is to make money.

Mu Yao didn't eat much for a meal, so she left with **** in her arms.

Jiang Yan stayed quietly in Mu Yao's arms, her eyes darkened. For the first time, he realized that Mu Yao's situation was worse than he imagined.

At night, there was a cool wind blowing over Mu Yao's drooping hair.

She hugged the little thing tightly, and said with a smile: "Ginger, let's go back and eat beef jerky." Mu Yao didn't seem to be affected by Mu Wanhai's words just now.


Jiang Yan responded to her, and for the first time, the haughty dog's head took the initiative to rub against Mu Yao's arms, with an indescribable intimacy.

The author has something to say: Jiang Gouyan: It’s worth raising a brother for a thousand days, but it’s worth it for a while!

There was a message saying, Fu Zhengran has a little Bomei, but Jiang Yan is not convinced, is it amazing to have a dog? He can also become a dog! Directly become Mu Yao's dog!

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