Inside the Dan room of the Holy Fire Palace.

The six disciples prepared the materials and used their Xuan Power to drive the Xuan Huo.

For a moment, the room was full of heat.

The Dan furnace made a roaring sound at the high temperature, and the bottom of the furnace was red.

Jing Xiaoxuan was smoked by the heat and retreated again and again.

However, she has a soft spot for Dan Dao, but she refuses to go outside to avoid the heat.

His eyes were on the six Dan furnaces and he nodded slightly.

"If you want to practice the Jade Rong Pill within a quarter of an hour, one of the most important points is to control the temperature. "

"Moreover, the Dan furnaces of the Holy Fire Palace are all earth-grade Dan furnaces, which can only withstand the flames below the heavenly fire. "

"If the temperature is too high, there will be a risk of waste Dan and fryer. "

"The temperature is too low, the pill is not successful, and there is no time to make the pill in a quarter of an hour. "

Jing Xiaoxuan stretched out her hand to block the heat flow and looked at the six disciples one by one.

"Well, everyone's alchemy techniques are very good, but ......"

Jing Xiaoxuan muttered.

At this time, she suddenly felt that the originally hot air had stagnated and become cooler.

Jing Xiaoxuan was stunned for a moment, only to find that Xu Ze had stood by her side at some point.

The Xuan Qi on his body is silently resisting the heat flow for himself.

"The Son ......"

Jing Xiaoxuan's heart softened.

Xu Ze carried 823 hands and said with a smile: "What can Xiao Xuan see from the alchemy of these six disciples?"

Jing Xiaoxuan just wanted to nod and comment.

But suddenly I thought that in this life, I was just a mortal.

If you say something rashly, it seems a little too unreasonable.

Jing Xiaoxuan didn't want to be too conspicuous.

I don't want Xu Ze to know that he has the memories of the first nine lives.

Although, this kind of thing must have been known for a long time.

"What can I see, I'm just a mortal......" Jing Xiaoxuan pouted, a little arrogant.

Loaded, loaded.

Xu Ze felt a little funny.

But Jing Xiaoxuan wanted to pretend, and he also accompanied her to pretend to the end.

"Does Xiao Xuan want to learn alchemy?" Xu Ze asked with his hands behind his back.

A hint of yearning flashed in Jing Xiaoxuan's eyes.

She was born with a dead vein and was unable to practice.

But in the first nine lives, thanks to the elixir, it gradually grew.

And now, the tenth generation, why doesn't Jing Xiaoxuan want to recast the glory of the former ninth generation?

"Ahem, I, I don't care anyway, I'm usually idle, if the Holy Son wants me to learn, I'll learn. "

Jing Xiaoxuan blushed, looking like she wanted to welcome and refuse.

This girl......

Xu Ze couldn't help but smile and just nodded.

A quarter of an hour is in the blink of an eye.

Soon, the six disciples became Dan one after another.

When the Dan furnace is opened, the fire gushes out, and the heat disperses.

When the flame dissipates, in the Dan furnace, a black pill is presented inside.

Fan Hua was the first to become a pill, and immediately took out the pill and put it in the pill box, and came to Xu Ze to present it.

"Disciple Dancheng, please take a look at the Holy Son. "

Xu Ze glanced at the pill, and he already had a conclusion in his heart.

But he still looked at Jing Xiaoxuan with a smile and said, "Xiaoxuan, what do you think of this elixir?"

Fan Hua glanced at Xu Ze with some surprise, and then at Jing Xiaoxuan.

When he found that Jing Xiaoxuan had no mystic power around him, he was just a mortal.

A hint of eccentricity rose in my heart.

What does Holy Son mean by this, and why should a mortal comment on my elixir......

Jing Xiaoxuan pursed her lips and looked away: "I can see something, I don't understand." "

Xu Ze waved his hand and said, "Don't say that, if you want to practice the Dan Dao in my holy land, you must at least have a very high alchemy attainment, and let you see the pill, which can be regarded as an entrance exam for you." "

Entrance examination......

Hearing Xu Ze say this, Jing Xiaoxuan had no choice but to look at this black pill reluctantly.

This elixir, the whole body is round, black and translucent, and it is indeed of the highest grade. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

With Xu Ze's demanding requirements, it is already even more difficult to achieve this quality.

This Fan Hua's elixir attainment, at least around the fifth-level Dan Master, is definitely a Dan Dao genius.

"Very good elixir......" Jing Xiaoxuan looked away and pouted.

This insincere look, not to mention Xu Ze, Fan Hua can see it.

As a genius, he has the self-esteem of talent.

Seeing his own elixir actually made a mortal show such a disgusted expression.

Fan Hua didn't care that Xu Ze was beside him, and couldn't help but shout: "What does this mean, girl, is there anything wrong with the disciple's elixir!"

"There's no problem, it's just ......" Jing Xiaoxuan scratched her face and said a little embarrassed, "Dan is cracked." "


Except for Fan Hua, his five disciples all trembled in their hearts.

And Fan Hua was already stunned and dumbfounded.

Dan crack.

That is, before the medicinal materials are put into the furnace, when the medicinal powder is kneaded into a ball, it is not kneaded well.

When fired at high temperatures, it cracks.

This is more serious than the waste pill.

For Danshi, although it is a shame to abolish the pill, the pill has its own success or failure, in addition to the problem of technique, there are also some uncertain factors.

It is understandable that there is one waste pill out of a thousand pills.

Danshi will not feel ashamed because of the abolition of Dan.

However, Dan Crack is different!

The only factor that causes Dan crack is the technique!

And this technique is to rub a ball.

Even if a child who can only pinch mud and let him give medicinal herbs to rub into a ball, he will not make a mistake!

"You, you, you, you, you......" Fan Hua's face was extremely pale, "I am the first in the alchemy exam every year, and you say that my Dan is cracked?"

He is a genius with the first alchemy score in the Holy Fire Palace, you say he can't even rub the ball?

"Tell me, where is this elixir cracked!" Fan Hua pointed to the smooth-looking elixir and jumped to his feet in a hurry.

Xu Ze smiled but didn't say anything, and let Jing Xiaoxuan play.

"It's said that Dan is cracked, but you still don't believe it. Jing Xiaoxuan was also a little angry.

I said that you told me to say it, but I still don't believe it.

Are you kidding me?

"When you selected the herbs just now, it was condensed into a pill, and that technique was already very perfunctory. "

"What's more, when you use the Samadhi True Fire to burn the furnace, you only care about increasing the firepower, but you neglect to burn evenly. "

"The Holy Son has asked you to complete the pill in a quarter of an hour, and in this quarter of an hour, you can burn the pill forty-nine times with a blazing fire. "

"And you have become a pill for almost three seconds compared to the others, that is to say, there is at least one place where the pill has not been evenly heated. "

"The side that has not been heated is more fragile, plus you take the Ju Dan at will, although this pill is perfect on the outside, there are some cracks on the inside. "

She reached out and picked up the pill and gently knocked it on the pill box.


On the right side of the pill, it suddenly cracked like an egg.


Everyone knows that Yurong Dan is as strong as a stone, and it is considered a relatively hard pill in the hard pill.

However, it was easily cracked by a mortal girl?

"Your alchemy technique and control of medicinal materials are perfect, so the elixirs you refine are all of the highest grade and impeccable. "

"But, in terms of details, you're a little bit inferior. "

Putting the pill back in the pill box, looking at Fan Hua with a loveless expression, Jing Xiaoxuan shrugged her shoulders.

"First place, let's learn more in the future. "。

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