Hearing Lin's words, Lei Lu knew that he shouldn't be pushed too fast, and replied: "Yes, remember to save the herbs mentioned before, and there will be people from the Juhu tribe who will come to trade with animal skins. Zhang Juniu animal hide for a bag of herbs." After speaking, before Lin could reply, he hugged Xiaoxiao and walked towards the giant lion tribe.

Lin saw the backs of Lei Lu and others walking away, and knew that if the herbs were not traded according to what Lei Lu said, the giant fox tribe would lose not only the herbs and animal skins, but also the integrity of the orcs. , so even though he was angry and unwilling, Lin still set the herbal medicine transaction as seven giant bull beast skins.

When Wu Xiaoyin and others arrived at the Giant Lion Tribe, they saw that the place and trade in the camp were all females, while the males were lying lazily in the shape of beasts, enjoying the warm sunshine during the harvest season. Questions flashed in Wu Xiaoyin’s eyes. and puzzled.

Seeing that Xiaoxiao's eyes had no surprise or astonishment other than bewilderment when he saw the giant lion tribe orcs, Leilu expressed his satisfaction. Dwdling on his little face.

Wu Xiaoyin said that he was already familiar with this kind of intimacy, and he didn't have the slightest desire to express resistance. In this regard, Lei Lu expressed his satisfaction. So, just keep rubbing and rubbing.

Until Wu Xiaoyin expressed the discomfort that his face was about to be worn out, and he directly pushed Lei Lu's head away from him, pointing at his own face to protest, Lei Lu saw that the little face was worn red, Embarrassed, he expressed his apology by kissing his red face.

Wu Xiaoyin, whose face was covered with saliva, glared at Lei Lu, wiped off the saliva, and asked, "Why are all the females in the giant lion tribe doing transactions and sorting things?"

Xiao Kai interjected at the right time, saying: "That's because the males of the giant lion tribe are too lazy. They look lazy all day long except when they are hunting hard. It's not like the males of our giant tiger tribe. Male, hardworking and capable!" As he spoke, he puffed out his small chest, expressing his pride.

Hearing Xiaokai's compliment, Kos said cheekily: "That's right, the males of our giant tiger tribe may have done it. You're right, Xiaokai."

Xiao Kai glanced sideways at Cos, and said, "The giant tiger tribe I'm talking about doesn't mean you're among them, huh!"

Kos was eager to refute, but before he could say anything, he heard a female from the giant lion tribe say, "Lei Lu, you are here this year, what do you want to trade this year?"

Leilu's attitude towards the female Datta of the Giant Lion Tribe is relatively soft, of course, this is relatively speaking, because the females of the Giant Lion Tribe are more independent and brave. Leilu and Datta are also friends, and their attitude is of course softer , said: "No, Xiaoxiao wants to go shopping, so I will take him out to have a look."

Datta actually saw Wu Xiaoyin in Leilu's arms a long time ago, but the male's possessiveness is terrifying, so Datta stared at Wu Xiaoyin without offense, but saw that Leilu wanted to introduce the female in his arms to him. I knew him, and Datta looked at the little female generously, and found that this female was not yet an adult, and her figure was only thirteen or fourteen. He gloated silently in his heart, and Lei Lu had to wait ,Ha ha!

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